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Top 10 most entertaining contents, channels and series to watch on YouTube for the weekend

Let’s be honest, weekends can be quite boring if you don’t have any plans and with the lockdown still very much in place in some places, I decided to make our weekend awesome and less boring. Welcome back to my blog everyone. To my old followers, I say a huge thank you for the support […]

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12 Beauty/Skincare products that will make your skin smells incredibly sweet and lovely

Happy Sunday everyone and welcome back to my blog. On today’s SELFCARE post, I will be sharing with everyone 12 amazing beauty/skincare products that will make your skin smells incredibly sweet and lovely. There is nothing like smelling really nice and sweet. This post contains skincare products and beauty products like body spray, moisturizer and […]

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When You don’t Feel like Writing, Do this instead

Welcome back to my blog and I know it’s been like forever. Everything is overwhelming and most of the time I just really reflect on the days I took going out for granted and didn’t appreciate simple things like moving vehicles, seeing large amount of people and just going out. What do you do on […]

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Rep your country/City | Where are my beautiful followers/readers from?

Welcome back to another exciting episode on the staycation selfcare post day 9. How is everyone doing? On today’s episode, we are going to get to know ourselves better and interact. Today I want to know where my beautiful and wonderful followers/readers are from. This is another opportunity to gain more followers and also one […]

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14 Days home workout challenge and Fat Detox Drink | Health & Fitness

Welcome back to day 8 of our staycation selfcare post and on today’s episode, I will be challenging you guys to join me on a 14 days home workout routine and my special fat detox drink. I started this challenge today and I’m really glad i did. It’s not about abs or anything extreme, it’s […]

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Can we have a Princess Charming and a Prince in distress?

Welcome back to day 7 of our staycation selclfcare post. How is everyone doing? Today let’s talk about happily ever after, fantasy and love. Let’s talk about prince charming. It’s like a norm for the men to be the women’s prince charming or the knight in the shinning armor but is it same for the […]

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