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Black-Owned Beauty Brands available in the UK — Bibie Beauty Lab

Hello readers, Recently, I was searching up on black owned brands that I could have access to and it was just a bit annoying that most of these brands were located in the US and they weren’t any of their products in the UK so over the past few days, I did some research on […]

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Does these beauty/fitness products that influencers promotes on social media really works?

Welcome back to my blog!!! Today I really want to talk about something serious and I would really like to read you guys opinions as well. I know majority of us must have seen some if not all these products on our social media feeds via our favorite channels, page, handles or it was recommended […]

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Makeup look | creating a simple makeup look using Maybelline Fit Me Foundation & Classic Cosmetics

Welcome back to my blog. It’s been a while i created a makeup look. I decided to create something simple and also an ombre lips. On this look, i decided to use Maybelline Fit Me Foundation because of the good reviews i’ve heard about this products. Products that i used Maybelline Fit Me Foundation in […]

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makeup and beauty product review skin care

Skincare | Skin Doctor’s facial soap and Toner for clear and spotless skin |Products Review

Welcome back to my blog On this post, i will like to share with everyone the result of the two skin doctor’s products i got the beginning of this month. Whether you have a routine or not, a clear and spotless skin is important. You don’t have to go over the top to have expensive […]

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Blogmas makeup and beauty product review

Blogmas day 12 | What beauty/makeup product would you like to get for Christmas?

Yaay it’s day 12 already. I hope you all are enjoying my blogmas post? To read all my post on blogmas 2019 edition, just scroll down this post and see my categories and click on blogmas or just use the search button and boom you get to see all posts. Today’s post is more of […]

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Makeup|Which concealer do you use & which is the best and why?

Hello my Apples!!! It’s a beauty Tuesday morning and a cold one at that.😰💨 This post is a battle of the brands on concealer. There are so many brands of concealer and each are trying so well to meet the needs of we makeup lovers. Ranging from the packaging, blendable feel, affordability, easily access, Availability […]

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Beauty & makeup Tips makeup and beauty product review skin care

Facial skin reaction due to stress treatment | Products Review

Hello my Apples, how u all doing today? I’m going to be doing a quick review on two amazing products I got this week. If you have been following my posts lately, you will noticed have been talking about my finals in college and it is surprisingly stressful. Due to the stress have been going […]

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