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5 Fashion Accessories that I can’t do Without

Welcome back to my blog! It’s another Friday night but today I won’t be doing any movie recommendation but, it’s the 5th day of my 15 days writing challenge. On today’s quest, I will be sharing with you guys 5 fashion accessories that I can not do without. Firstly, let me start by saying that […]

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Black-Owned Beauty Brands available in the UK — Bibie Beauty Lab

Hello readers, Recently, I was searching up on black owned brands that I could have access to and it was just a bit annoying that most of these brands were located in the US and they weren’t any of their products in the UK so over the past few days, I did some research on […]

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25 Amazing Uses/Benefits of Aloe Vera Gel for Both Men and Women

Hello my Apples, how you all doing today? So on this post i’ll be listing down 25 important benefits of aloe vera gel. for the men, check out number 11 and 15 and thank me later. 25 AMAZING USES/BENEFITS OF ALOE VERA GEL As a moisturizer: Aloe Vera gel can be used as a moisturizer […]

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How to do your pedicure and manicure at home using natural products and spending less

Welcome back to my blog and another post of our staycation selfcare episode day 2. How is everyone doing today? I’m sending love, positive energy and light to everyone out there. So on today’s post, I will be sharing with everyone simple steps, using natural products and spending less money to achieve a smooth, soft, […]

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Hair & makeup | How I braided my own short 4c hair and Makeup look of the day

Welcome back to my blog. I had to rest a little bit after the whole birthday planning for my baby girl. Today, I will be sharing few pictures with you all on my recently braided hair that I did myself and a makeup look I did yesterday. THE HAIR It took me about a whole […]

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How to get a glowing and soft pinkish lips in 10minutes | Very effective | updated post

Welcome back to my blog. Today I’m going to share a remedy that will transform your dark, dry and dull lips to a soft, glowing rose pink lips. Before i go into details, i just want you to know this is very effective and it consist of two methods. The temporary which will give you […]

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