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Life as a stay at home mom | was it by choice or life happened?

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Welcome back to my blog everyone.

So, I have wanted to write about this post for a very long time and truly I don’t know why I do hold back. So today I decided to write about my life as a stayed at home, it’s challenges and why I choose to be one.

Why a stayed at home mom?

I think this obviously the first question anyone reading this will definitely asked in their mind. Is it by choice or life happened?

In my own case life definitely happened. I honestly didn’t choose to be a stayed at home mom and I would never have imagined that I would. We all have a plan in which we have penned down or imagine that this is how out life is definitely going to play out and when it doesn’t happened that way, many of us are pretty much devastated.

When I found out I was a pregnant, I had already planned ahead how I wanted everything to be. I still remembered telling myself that once my daughter is 3 months old, I will have to start working again, so I can also earn my own money to support myself. At this time I didn’t know i would be having a very slow healing from CS scar neither do I even for once imagined giving birth via CS.

At 6 months, I tried applying for Jobs which are limited and once they know I have a child, the response is usually a huge NO. Oh we are sorry, we can’t have someone rushing home when it’s the peak of working hours, also you stay alone and day care centres closes like 6. This is a Job that barely pays well, the distance to home and 85% of your salary is on transportation. At some point, I just stopped searching and decided to focus on blogging.

Everyone thinks being a stay-at-home mom full time is easy, That we are lucky to be able to not have to work. That we are lazy. That it’s not ‘real’ work, so we have nothing to complain about. But the truth is, it’s f—— lonely and overwhelming.” By Bridgette Armstrong for on be a stayed at home mom.

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Challenges, struggles & the best part

Challenges & Struggle;

  • The first one for me is everyone looking at you like a lazy person
  • The insane question they ask “what have you been doing at home?
  • The constant what are you doing now that your baby is older?
  • The loneliness at times, the silent crying, chores are endless
  • You can clean the house 5 to 6 times on a slow day of activeness
  • When you need to ask for money for things. Sometimes it feels like I’m begging, even if they don’t feel that way
  • There is no alone time
  • When you want people to see how much hard work it is but all you get is “you are a woman and you won’t be the first mother”
  • It gets overwhelming that you start questioning your ability as a mother
  • You might not even get help to do little things in the house
  • Been all in one; A nurse, teacher, cook, cleaner, singer, butt scratcher, stylist, event planner, a doctor and a mom
  • The fear of complaining or admitting that you are tired,
  • Add yours.

The Best Part

As tiring and overwhelming as it can be sometimes, there is an interesting part of been a stayed at home mom.

  • Bonding with your kid(s).
  • You can work from home doing something you passionate about, though it’s not easy.
  • It gives you time to really know your child well.
  • You have this peace of mind that you can look after your child and not get to worry constantly.
  • The Joy of seeing their faces with huge smiles even when you are tired
  • The love of been called a mother
  • You can experience every ‘First’ with them
  • Add yours

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Open letter to the stay at home mom on THETOT.COM

For me life happened just like for some and there are other that actually choose to be a SAHM but whichever way it happened, I just want us to know that, WE ARE DOING REALLY WELL.

Share your experiences with me in the comment section.

Thank you for reading

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12 thoughts on “Life as a stay at home mom | was it by choice or life happened?

  1. I am not a mom but i am also a stay at home and not by choice. Life happened!! i can relate to this post in some ways and completely understand when people ask you that question what do you do at home? 😐 It was a good post right from your heart.

  2. Nice write up I must confess and very educative considering the fact that you made it out of experience😊. Few days back I did a similar post on this full-time house wife stuff too.

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