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7 Interesting short Royal & Bridal Series Stories you need to read on Anybook App

Hello everyone

How are we all doing today? I really appreciate the fact that we are all pushing through these hard times and I know we are going to come out strong.

On today’s staycation selfcare post, I will be sharing with everyone these amazing stories I’m currently reading on anybook app. I know at this point we are probably tired of sleeping and this is something really cool to do and get our beautiful mind distracted for a while.

If you are person that loves happy endings, lots of love and awwwnnn moment please continue reading and if you are not please continue as well. 😊😊😊

3 short series stories about Brides by Noelle Adams

These bridal books are actually about three sisters that were raised by their grandmother who takes traditions very seriously and loves her antiques treasures. She also believes in marrying men with name for her granddaughters.

What happens when the first sister is married to a man who doesn’t believe in marriage and also hired her for just 6months to get a business deal and her second sister who has feelings for a man with two daughters who happens to be her employer and the third sister fate?

First book is HIRED BRIDE

The second book is SUBSTITUTE BRIDE

The third book in this Beaufort Brides series is ACCIDENTAL BRIDE

Yaay thank you for making it this far and please read these amazing books. So let’s continue the second part to the royal prince and knights in the shinning armor πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ˜πŸ˜.

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4 Amazing short series about Kings & knights by Alexa Riley

So this books are my favourites when it comes to kings and their chosen brides. I love the traditional cultures and how they she took us back in time and Infused it with lots of love and happy endings. Don’t get twisted by the titles. I’m very sure you will be glued to your gadgets this night. Let the countdown begins 😊😊

These series is about how kings choose their brides in the most unusual ways possible.

The first book is HIS PRINCESS

The second book is STOLEN PRINCESS

The third book is CLAIMED PRINCESS


So my beautiful people please and please, kindly read my favorite books and get your mind distracted from all that is going on right now.

Sending love and light to everyone and this is my little way of reaching out.

When you read it, please kindly comment what you think about these amazing book.

You can download anybook app from playstore but unfortunately I don’t think it’s on Appstore yet but you can read online.

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Thank you for reading

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