Let us Pray | Self care tips to staying safe

Good morning everyone. If you are seeing this post no matter where, when and your religion, kindly join me in faith.

Our heavenly father, we thank you this morning for your the grace of seeing another new day. We thank you for your every of our heart desires and needs that you have always answered, we thank you for our family and loved one and we thank you for each and every new day, we are grateful.

Lord we asking for your grace, mercies, tender and loving kindness to be shown to us in this time of despair. We ask you forgive us our mistakes, wrongs, errors and sins. We are sorry for be ungrateful.

Lord we pray for your healing hands upon our land, our countries, our states and our homes. Show us your mercies and love. Lord we pray for everyone affected by this virus for your healing hands. We have tried every means, we are losing our loved ones, family and friends, young and old, men and women, all races. We are asking for your intervention and your healing hands, please hear our voices and our cries, please come to our aid and take care of us.

We pray for every medical professionals (the doctors, nurses, health care workers, the cleaners and everyone that made the health system runs smoothly) Lord strengthen them and watch over them. They are giving up so much to be keep things under control, please we ask for your mercy and protections over them and give their families the heart to continue to be strong for them.

We pray for those that are homeless that cannot afford the luxury of a place called home or the necessary essentials to stay safe, Lord let your protection be with them.

Lord, we come together as one without caring about our religion, color, race or culture, please be with us in this time. We are tired, broken and really weak. fight for us, protect us, guide us and heal our sick land.

In your mighty name we pray, Amen.


It’s been a rocky 2020 for everyone and one way or the other, we are all affected. I saw some videos yesterday of children’s ward in an unknown hospital in Italy and to say I’m heartbroken is an understatement. My heart has been heavy. Their parents were not allowed to go in and comfort them 😭😭😭 and the pains they were in was so much unbearable and uncomfortable. I couldn’t plug in my headphone to listen to the audio of the video but when I finally did, I didn’t know when i started crying. The pains in their breathing, the look of pain in their eyes and the condition is worse.

For me that I have my entire family in Spain, the constant worrying for them and everyone out there is tough. I might be strong but I’m very emotional and I get really weaken by things easily. Kids are greatest weakness and having my baby brother and sister out there is like another part of me is not safe but I trust God and also believe in the strength of our earthly medical professionals.

  • Please stay indoor
  • Wash your hands with soap and running water
  • Sanitize your hands
  • Stay indoor please
  • Get supplies
  • Wear mask
  • Use gloves
  • Repeat 2 and 3 as Much as possible
  • Pray
  • Don’t panic even as I’m writing this post, I can’t help but panic and wonder what we would do next and what will happen next but let’s be positive.
  • When outside for necessary measures, please practise social distancing.

After praying for everyone, please let us put this places in prayer. China, Italy, Iran, Spain, Germany, USA, France, South Korea, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Austria, Norway, Belgium, Sweden and every countries in the world.

Thank you for Joining me. Please stay safe and take necessary precautions. To those affected and those that have lost people to this Virus, I pray for comfort of heart to bear your loss and stay strong please.

Sending Love and Light to everyone


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