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How to get your blog more views by publishing old blog posts as new posts

Welcome back to my blog and thank you everyone for your support through comments, likes and sharing of my blog posts.

So before I get into the post for today, I want to say a very big thank you to my wordpress family for 800+ followers. I’m grateful.

On today’s post, I will be sharing with you guys how to re-publish your old blog posts as new post and get more views. This method has nothing hidden about and it is not a complicated process. It has it’s pros and cons. Therefore, I advise you read well and be sure of what you are doing.

I’m sure you have seen some blog posts on the Readers page and later that day or days later or even weeks later, you come across that same post and you are wondering what is going on. Did the blogger rewrite the posts? Did he/she mistakenly deleted the post and published again? Well, let’s find out how this simple tips is done to get more views.

This process you can call rescheduling. This process is quite different from reblogging. Reblogging will create a new link as a new blog post to the old post which means once they clicked the new link, it will directly take them to the old post. I think one con to consider before reblogging is that, it will create double posts for one topic which is like junks. I think one of the reasons reblogging is good is if you are reblogging another blogger’s post, which gives you both a win win situation.

Rescheduling is the simple way to publish an old blog post as a new post to get more views.


  • Log into your account on the wordpress app
  • Click on blog posts and clicked on your already publish posts
  • Choose your desired old post
  • Click on the edit icon
  • Once the post is opened, click on the three dots by the top right corner which is close to update
  • Click on post settings
  • Click on the published on
  • Click on the time and date
  • This will take you to the date and time the post was originally published in a calendar form
  • Choose the icon that says now. Which means the post is asking to change the date to the current time you are editing the time
  • Once you clicked on now, the time and date will automatically change and just press update.
  • There your post is now a new post.

There are advantages and disadvantages to rescheduling your old blog posts. Trust me to tell you the truth about what you want to get yourself into. I made a huge mistake when I first did this but thankfully I learnt from it and I’m very sure this will be helpful.


  • It will increase your view on this post by also maintaining your old views count.
  • It helps bring back those important and good posts you had once written when you started blogging that no one read then and giving it exposure.
  • It’s a good way to help you in times when you are not inspired to write.
  • You are at an advantage when you reschedule your post on the same day. Like your morning post that was later rescheduled in the evening. This will keep the social media links to that post intact. “See cons of posting old blog topics”


  • I will advice not to reschedule an old post that has lots of comments on your social media shared links like pinterest as this will be altered. I recently rescheduled one of my best blog post that is really doing well on pinterest and facebook without realizing that I could lost all fifty something comments and about five thousand four hundred and fifty shares on pinterest. Just like I advised up there that rescheduling a day post is good and also reschedule old post that didn’t do well in the past as this will create more awareness for such blog post.

So there you have it my beautiful greeny apples. Let me know if you have any questions in the comment sections.

Thank you for reading

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