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Why do people like commenting rudely about other’s weight?

Firstly, I am really angry and disappointed. This isn’t my post for today but I just want to quickly put this out here and see if anyone has been in this kind of situation before.

On my way to the market today, it actually a very sunny day here in Lagos and after so much procrastination, I decided to get myself up and go run some errands that would fetch me little cash for the weekend. Also, I got some really cool tops from the thrift shops.

So back to my anger. As I was waiting to get a bus at the bus stop, i heard someone calling my name and i wished i pretended i didn’t know this person. I turned around and surprise, it was an old school mate and believe me I wasn’t really thrilled to see her because I know how judgemental this person is.

The greeting and making small talks. We exchanged pleasantries and I was expecting it to end there and then she realized I was holding a baby. Oh my God, is this your baby? My subconscious self was just rolling her eyes in mind and answering “No I actually borrowed her from the baby store to pose as mine”. I said yes she is my daughter. Awwwnnn she is so cute but she doesn’t look like you. Well sweetheart it takes two people to make a child and I’m sure she looks like the other partner in the baby making process and believe me I was really getting tired as I have missed two buses but I didn’t want to be rude and i was hoping she has changed.

Then she looked at me like really scanning my body and my subconscious self was getting angry because she knew what the next question or remarks would be. In my mind I was just like, “don’t say it, please just keep it to yourself” well some people don’t change.

Haa Rose you are now big like you are really fat now but it suit you. These days men like curvy but not too fat o. At this point Genesis was just looking at her and I could see the steam coming out of my subconscious self because she is a drama queen. I was going to be the bigger person and just ignored but then I decided to be a really small person and I replied “Aina, you are super thin like too thin” well I guess your man loves them bony.

Right now I’m about to do some major fashion walk in my room with my cool tops. Oh what happened after? Let just say it ended the way she didn’t expect.

In the past I have jokingly make remarks about people weight but not in rude way and mostly my families and friend. We just kid around and make funny jokes about this things like “wow you looking meaty and we laugh about it”.

I know a lot of people that are struggling with their weight, people that have gone into depression because of their weight and people that harmed themselves going through risky and painful procedures to get their desired body shape. It’s not cool to make rude comments about people’s weight or body shape or type. Keep your observations to yourself and if they don’t ask for your opinion/advice don’t give.

I didn’t make this story, it happened for real and this isn’t the first time I’m finding myself in this situation.

Have you ever been in this type of situation before? How did you handle it? Kindly comment down below.


  1. Firstly I must say your blog is amazing. Secondly concerning this post, I’ve realized some people will always have bad things to say about others. I used to get really depressed when people talk about my weight but now I either ignore or just give it to them straight up. I love your courage and say me Hi to your subconscious mind😊👍🏾

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  2. Okay this wasn’t suppose to be funny but I died at the “no I borrowed her from the baby store to pose with her” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 and on a more serious side, I love how you put her in her place. People needs to start respecting others and minding their business.

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  3. Lol you are so funny! I have always been a big girl, from birth. I lost the baby fat at some point in high school though, and gained it all back after having my son. Being called fat has never offended me and I usually respond very positively, because I know how I look, duh. 🙄 I also know my big hips and thighs makes me look sexy as hell and give me a helluva a shape! For me, fitness is more important than size. Big as I was as a kid (even now) I am able to do any physical activity like any other small sized person (most cases I perform better). So, I focus on my heart rate and health more than I do my size. Don’t mind silly toothpicks, they always out looking for some piece of meat to poke on. Although when it comes to my stomach, all that I wrote goes out the window! I really want a flat stomach so I can look like Beyoncé in a tight dress! 😂🤣

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  4. I honestly can just picture this scene and I am laughing so hard (sorry)🤣. I have realised that some people (especially the ones back home) don’t understand that it isn’t ok to make comments like this. When I had my first child, someone on Facebook actually commented on my picture and was begging me not to gain more weight. My baby then was few weeks old and I was a size 12. It did hurt but I knew that she will realise what she did later in life and I am sure she did because after her first child, she wasn’t looking slim either. People need to get into ‘mind your business ministry’.

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  5. I absolutely love the way you write. I have been on this end one too many times, even when people think they are being kind and making ‘positive’ comments about my body I feel so ashamed. When did it become okay for people to walk up and say what they wanted about our bodies??

    I love this piece, thank you for writing it.

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  6. Thanks a lot for spending your precious time in my blog page ma’am , Looking forward for your comments and constructive feedbacks in future, i am in love with your writings ..
    Thanks and Regards

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