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Hair & makeup | How I braided my own short 4c hair and Makeup look of the day

Welcome back to my blog. I had to rest a little bit after the whole birthday planning for my baby girl.

Today, I will be sharing few pictures with you all on my recently braided hair that I did myself and a makeup look I did yesterday.


It took me about a whole day if I added all the hours together. Alternating between my daughter, house chores, her birthday and also trying to look good for her big 01 birthday. At some point I actually didn’t want to continue 🀣🀣 but it came out well. I used 2 packs of expression hair in color 27.


If you are a fan of my makeup post, you will noticed I don’t do anything too much and I love using drugstore products because i love cheap and I don’t own million 🀣🀣.

Products used are:

  • Black opal foundation in Hazel nut
  • Milani compact finishing powder in deep
  • La pro concealing Corrector (red shade for my undertone)
  • Classic concealer palette
  • Zaron eyeshadow
  • A cheap lipgloss I got from a store
  • No brand eyeliner
  • Zaron makeup brushes
  • Classic glow.kit
  • Jordana brow pencil
  • No brand false lashes

Enjoy the pictures below

These ones were taken from my phone camera without edit

I hope you like my braids and makeup look.

Comment your thoughts down below and thank you for reading.


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