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The Red Makeup Look for lover’s day | How did you spend your day?

Well it’s still 14th of February and I hope I’m not too late saying happy valentine’s day to all my amazing followers.

I hope you all enjoyed your day?

In Nigeria the day is almost coming to an end. It is 9:30pm here.

Comment down how you spent your day, the country/city you live in and the time you are replying.

On this post, I will be sharing with you all the look I did for today’s celebration. If you have been following some of my makeup looks, you should be familiar with some of makeup products as I I won’t be mentioning them today. The only thing is that, I used Black Opal foundation in Hazel nut which appears to be light for due to my skin reaction and discoloration. My diet has been crazy this past months but I’m trying to stay healthy.

I hope you like the look. Check out the pictures below.

To reduce the lightness of the foundation, I edited the pictures using Adobe lightroom.

What do you think?


  1. you’re so beautiful. How do you have such perfect features and perfect skin?? 😍 I literally bought my first foundation yesterday, Black Opal, and tried it. I have a reaction from it lool. So, maybe no makeup for me. I am waiting for my skin to calm down, before I can play around with eyeshadow. I have never used any makeup in my life. Except for mascara and eyeliner once every blue moon.😂

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    1. Awwwnnn… black opal is one of my favourite foundations and also my first foundation in beauty school. I wish we lived in the same city, you would have been my personal makeup model 😊 Thank you for the compliment…


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