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All you need to know about the new block editor | The differences and similarities between classic and block editor

Welcome back to my blog,

On today’s blogging tips where I’ll be giving my small knowledge about blogging, I want to talk about the wordpress editing upgrade for post.

Some months back if I am not mistaken, wordpress update gave us a new form of editor from the usual classic editor to the block editor. If you haven’t noticed that there is an update, please kindly update your app on Playstore or Appstore and if you are the web type, each time you are about to write an article, there will be a pop message asking you to try the new block editor.

I suggest you read this post before you switch from the classic editor to the block editor.


  • The only similarities between them is that, they are both forms of writing and editing your posts or articles on wordpress.
  • They both still have the same features.


The classic editor

  • It is very simple to use
  • It’s supports a copy and past and also paragraph changing at any time
  • One thing about this editor is that, sometimes after arranging your articles and it’s time for featured images or you minimized your wordpress app to do something else, your arrangement will scatter and this can be frustrating.
  • If you don’t have any knowledge of editing at all which is the writing and arranging you article, the classic editor is a very good option.
  • It is an editor that is good for blogging on the go and a quick update and also any kind of blog can still use the classic editor. Before the new block editor, classic was our best and it’s still is.
This is what the classic editor looks like

The image above show what the classic editor looks like. You can see the tool bar below which allows you to do everything you want while editing.

The Block Editor

  • It is a little complex from the classic editor
  • It is a very good editor for an organized and well written article
  • It chooses your paragraphs for you
  • All your paragraphs are in block form which means, you can delete a block of you don’t want and you can move a sentence in a block either up or down
  • The picture arrangement is very on point. You can create a picture block and come back later to add the image which means you won’t have to forget where you want such image to be in your post.
  • Like I mentioned that it arranges your paragraphs for you which can actually make copy and paste a little difficult but once you get hands of it, you are good to go
  • Block editor is good for all kinds of blog but most especially blogs about news, pictures and other professional websites.
This is what a block editor looks like

This image above show what a block editor looks like and you will notice the tool bar is not showing the necessary icons. On like the classic editor that the + sign means add picturesnor videos, here it means open the tool bar.

Once you press the + icon, this is what you will get.

This is a post I made using the block editor and you can see how arranged my paragraphs are

Which is the best?

Both editors are great. While the classic is a quick, easy and user friendly editor, the block the one with the more professional and well arranged articles editor.

I hope this helps incase you are wondering what the difference is and why you need yo switch editor.

Thank you for reading

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