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Motherhood and Parenting | 20 funny relatable mom memes

If you love your kids, kindly continue reading 🀣🀣

If you want them far away, please continue reading 🀣

And if you can’t do without them also still wants space, this means you are just been a mum. Motherhood is everything in one and you don’t need to apologise for been a mom. Yes we get tired, Yes we want our kids very close and also far away most of the times, yes it is okay to be tired and yes, it is very much okay to not know all.

Every mom can hilariously relate to this funny mom memes and please, kindly enjoy and take the stress away.

Here 20 funny relatable mom memes

Are you laughing your stress off already?

Shall i continue?🀣🀣🀣

I think if Genesis yells mama one more time, i’ll literally just fall on ground and just pretend that i can’t move 🀣🀣🀣

Yes the sleeping cot is the new dirty clothes hamper 😭😭😭

Mamas, you are all doing great… hope you had a good laugh? You can check funny relatable mom memes on Pinterest…

Images: pinterest

Thank you for reading


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