15 Must try date ideas the old school way in 2020| Lifestyle

I think one of my 2020 goals to achieve is to go on a real date. I have never been on a real date before and i think the first time that kind off counted as a date was when i was 19.

My date and i went out to see a movie ‘THIS IS THE END” that was the first time i saw James Franco, Seth Rogen, John hills in a movie and also Rihanna made a cameo. It was supposed to be a movie about end time and why i said supposed is because it turned out to be a comedy, thriller and action packed in one. I know it wasn’t the ideal romance movie for a first date but i really enjoyed. Also, it was the first time my date and i were meeting after talking for weeks and we ended up dating. Oh i forced him to split the bill with me amd it made me feel better that i contributed to the date.

I have been going out with friends and family but when i said “date’, i meant no juice but a red wine, cute dress, little cute makeup or doing things we both love.

I know i have a old soul in the young body and i probably and mostly will choose old things, old styles, vintage everything over the new way of doing things. Nothing is wrong with doing things the way they do now and i still love it but i just love the old version of things.

So, i will be sharing with you guys 15 must try date ideas the old school way in 2020

  1. A visit to the Museum
  2. Learn a new skill together
  3. Go on a paddle boat ride
  4. A movie at the drive-In (can’t wait to do this)
  5. A karaoke night
  6. Dinner and a movie
  7. Cook together
  8. Recreate your first or favorite date
  9. Star gazing in the backyard or make a truck bed
  10. Take a class together like painting, dancing and more
  11. Play fun games like; Truth or Dare, board games, or video game
  12. A full hearted talk about everything with your favourite junks
  13. A silent moment enjoying each other’s company
  14. Visit a local fair or street fair together
  15. Read a book together
  16. Add yours

Here are my non typical date idea the old school way. Tell me in the comment section which you have tried, willing to try, your favorite and also your own date ideas?

Thank you for reading


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