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Skincare | Skin Doctor’s facial soap and Toner for clear and spotless skin |Products Review

Welcome back to my blog

On this post, i will like to share with everyone the result of the two skin doctor’s products i got the beginning of this month.

Whether you have a routine or not, a clear and spotless skin is important. You don’t have to go over the top to have expensive products if you can’t afford them yet. There are very effective drugstore products that will give you excellent results.

Our skin is influenced by what we eat, drink, use and apply. The phrase “garbage in, garbage out” is very applicable here. What you take in, is what you take out.

I don’t do much when it comes to my skin and i think the most breakout have seen my skin in was during pregnancy. So i recently got two products and wanted to see how well it works for me. skin doctor’s toner and facial whitening soap.


The packaging

  • It comes in different sizes and i got the medium
  • It is very handy and can easily fit into a small toiletry bag when traveling
  • It comes in different extracts and i got the raspberry which wrapped in a light pink designer.

This is what the toner looks like.


The toner was promised to do a lot of things which are;

  • Brightening the skin,
  • Relieves sun burns, minor bruises, rashes, pimples, dark spots, chafing and itching,
  • Tightens pores,
  • Oil control,
  • Anti winkles,
  • And clears skin blemishes.

It said to do a whole lot of things for a toner. If you are a beauty therapists, enthusiast or someone that pays attention to things that they use on their skin, you will realize it also does the work of a cleanser/astringent.

Mostly toners are known to be mild for skin brightening, porea tightening and oil control. Toners are used after facial routines because every other products had already opened up the pores for easy penetration and effectiveness. Toner tightens it up to avoid foreign contacts of dirts that can clogs it up and causes blemishes.


I have been using this toner for almost two weeks and i have seen the following results.

  • Skin brightening like underneath my eyes (dark circles)
  • It is very mild on the skin,
  • It has a very sweet smell
  • It is not heavy on the skin
  • It has really helped tighten my skin a bit than before due to lack of sleep.



  • It is not too expensive (#1500) ($4)
  • The witch hazel extract in it is very true
  • It is very mild
  • I’m loving the gradual effectiveness.


  • It might not be available nationwide
  • I think i would prefer if it is just a toner and not have too much of the cleanser/astringent attributes.


I really like this toner and i don’t know how well it will work for someone with blemish because i only have dull skin and dark circles. Any spots on my face are actually birth marks. In all, you should try this toner out.


Okay let’s hold up for a second. Immediately you saw the name whitening, i can’t even begin to imagine what must be going on in y’all heads and minds 🀣🀣🀣.

I love my skin so much and if i have a way of choosing skin color, i won’t think twice before choosing my black skin. However, this facial soap is not a bleaching soap.


  • It contains natural ingredients like green tea, natural grape seeds, vitamin c and mulberry. I wasn’t there when they made it but the ingredients were all stated in the pack πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜
  • Skin brightening,
  • Skin softness,
  • Works for all skin blemishes,
  • Lightening the underarm
  • Cleanses and reduces excessive oil.


  • It doesn’t bleach my skin
  • My skin actually remains the same just a little bright
  • My underam are actually getting a little bit lighter
  • I don’t have blemishes so that’s all it does for me.



  • It doesn’t bleach my skin or whiten my skin
  • It actually makes dull skin bright in a moderately
  • It is affordable well not too expensive (#1000) ($3).


  • I honestly don’t like the smell. It’s not strong but been asthmatic, i just don’t adapt well to some smell.
  • The packaging is okay but once it comes out of the pack, just make sure you have a soap container
  • It lather up fast (it doesn’t last much)
  • It is very slippery. Yes, soap are meant to be but not that slippery.


If you are worried about it been a bleaching or whitening soap that will change your skin tone, well i don’t think you should. Though i haven’t used it for long but again for 2 weeks, it’s didn’t change my skin color. For my underarm, it is working gradually.

I don’t think i will continue once i used this up. I will go back to my extract soap which i will write a review on next.

The toner does it for me 😊😊

Thank you for reading

I have an exciting post coming up tomorrow morning. Don’t miss it..


  1. your skin is perfect. 😍 I have hyperpigmentation, and have blemishes on my legs and arms. my legs are the worst, my skin is so sensitive, I wake up with an itch from no bite at all, and then as soon as I scratch or rub, there’s a blemishes. πŸ€“ my face isn’t as bad. I wonder if you would do something about products for my skin type? Or maybe you have done one before? Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

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