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2 years blogging anniversary | Challenges, mistakes, and growth

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Hello my beautiful greeny apples,

Today makes it 2 years that i started this blog and i can’t believe how much growth i have made within these two years.

Firstly, I thank Almighty God for giving me grace and opportunity called Life. It’s a great privilege to see each new day and also make something you love out of it.

Secondly, i want to say a very big thank you to everyone that has supported me from day 1. I know anytime i published a post, there are some of you that just don’t miss reading, commenting and liking. I’m so grateful and can’t thank you all enough.


I don’t think there is anything that doesn’t have it’s own challenge. One of the most challenging things i encounter at the beginning of my blogging journey was getting to build this blog to something i could be proud of. Another thing is now being a mother. It has it’s spec and also disadvantages but in all, I’m happy that i was able to handle all challenges in my own way.


Yes, i made a whole lot of mistakes and I still do but at least i can detect immediately and make corrections.

Some of the mistakes i made are;

  • Comparing my blog to other blogs that has been on this journey for years
  • Inconsistency
  • Too much at a time (wanting to write all odeas at once). I was writing without a clear strategy and a target audience
  • I was afraid to invest money to get what i wanted
  • I paid no attention to SEO
  • I wasn’t using social media the right well
  • I ignored the importance of Pinterest
  • And so many other mistakes that I’m glad, i made corrections.


  • Spending more time to write my articles before publishing
  • Engaging with my audience
  • Social media sharing
  • Pinterest is good for your blog
  • Paying attention to keywords, search and SEO in general


  • I’m so happy with my stats. Yes, I’m not where i would love to be with but I’m not where i ised3to be
  • I’m no longer worried that only new posts can bring in engagements.
  • I have improved in writing, titles, audience engagement and of course, my blogging knowledge generally
  • I recently just upgraded my blog to premium plan and it is not as bad as many bloggers have said. Yes there are limitations but now i have knowledge on what it is like to be upgraded.


  • Blogging is fun
  • Blogging can be a career
  • There is nothing you can’t blog about
  • No rules in blogging just guidelines to achieving the best blog
  • Anyone can blog
  • WordPress is awesome.

Thank you everyone for 2 years 😊😍😍

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0 thoughts on “2 years blogging anniversary | Challenges, mistakes, and growth

    1. Pinterest has helped me alot. In a day i have about 200 views from pinterest. Your blog is amazing, you will definitely do better with traffic. Once you have your account all set up, you start creating boards. Boards on pinterest are like categories for your post. It’s easy for readers to just pick the boards they are interested in, starts reading and saving. Once you have created enough boards, you copy the link of your post or when you want to share your post from the wordpress app directly, you will definitely see pinterest amongst all other app. Click on pinterest, choose your image and choose the board you want for the post and publish.
      That’s all. Then you start receiving saves, comments, followers and your traffic will increase.

  1. Labake congrata on your second year of blogging Journey. Many more success coming your way beautiful πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸΎ

  2. You’re amazing! Also, such great energy and motivation for people like myself who still don’t quite know how to do this blogging thing. And I relate to the challenges and mistakes you laid out. Still so much to learn! ❀️

  3. Hi, That is really awesome to find your blog. I was really looking for SEO Articles. I am currently on the Premium package at I want to improve its SEO but I can’t install Plugins. any Good Suggestions for my blog. It is on inspiration and motivation. is the blog link.
    Rising Star

    1. I’m so sorry that I’m just responding to your comment. Somehow your comment was marked as spam by akismet. Really sorry about that.

      I actually just upgraded to premium plan as well and I found out the cons are kind of out weighing the pros πŸ˜” just like the plugins installation and some other things. Nevertheless, it’s still a very good upgrade for me.

      I have been following your blog for a while on my second blog and your posts are amazing. You are actually doing great. For SEO articles, pinterest is your answer. It’s one of best app for bloggers. For more blogging related posts, kindly search for New Lune on the wordpress search button.

      I hope this helps 😊

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