Blogmas Greetings

Blogmas day 22 | It’s 8 days to the new year, what are you grateful for?

Welcome back to my blog. It’s day 22 on blogmas post for 2019.

I had a very busy day today. We had our Christmas Carol service today and it was so much fun. It starting to feel like Christmas now and I’m really excited because it’s my daughter first Christmas celebration.

On today’s post, i won’t be doing much because i am very tired but never the less, we are here.

Today’s post topic is a question. WHAT ARE YOU GRATEFUL FOR THIS YEAR?

There are hours in a day that i assigned for Genesis to listen & watch cartoons and her favourite cartoon channel on YouTube is COCOMELON.

There is a particular song that l love so much. It’s a song of Thanksgiving and I’m very happy because the lyrics sums up all I’m thankful for.


I’m thankful for family

I’m thankful for my friends

I’m thankful for the things that i have and the thankful never ends.

What are u thankful for?

Thank you for reading


  1. I am thankful for Genesis first Christmas! Last year was my niece’s and I remember my self and my sister being so excited we practically drowned my niece In red dresses and accessories. I hope she has fun.

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    1. Awwwwnnnn… yes o, I’m thankful and grateful because it is her first christmas even though we pratically spent it in the hospital because she had measles breakout but as a strong child that she is, she still had fun. I couldn’t cover her in red and pink with enough glittering accessories because of the itchness ans hotness but i thank God for life. How was yours? 😊


  2. Omg! Thank God she is receiving treatment. Please fresh air is enough for her Christmas bling bling and glitters o. Yeah like you said ,thank God for life and amazing mother’s like you and the gift of daughters. Spent my Christmas in the kitchen 😂😂. My parent hosted friends, basically spent the day cooking and washing plate and serving. Please take care of your selves o♥️

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