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Blogmas day 21 | Fashion trends | Turtle neck winter styles as inspired by princess Diana

Welcome back to my blog and it’s blogmas post day 21.

On today’s blogmas post, I will be sharing with you all some cool fashion trends for winter, rocking a turtle neck.

Do you have turtle neck and you don’t know how or time to rock? Well it’s winter and let’s get stylish.

Princess Diana is a fashion goddess and she made sure to rock turtle necks in a very casual, business, elegant and professional way. She can do no wrong with fashion and today we take a look at her turtle necks outfits.


Here is the duchess of Cambridge, Catherine Middleton channeling her inner princess Diana

Princess Diana made turtlenecks one of the most fashionable winter fashion trends to wear.

Here are lovely turtleneck outfit ideas you can channel this winter season.

Turtleneck outfit ideas for men

You know my love for Rihanna right? She is a fashion goddess and every fashion statement, she has a style for it.

P.s. I have no right to these images of Princess Diana and other images. All photos are credited back to their original owners. Thank you

Images: pinterest

Thank you for reading


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