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Blogmas day 15 | What is your favourite eye makeup remover

It’s day 15 on my blogmas post and welcome back to my channel.

Today is going to be a question kind of post. I want you all to comment your favorite eye makeup remover. I have always used facial wipes and sometimes my facial wash as my makeup remover. A few months ago I tried a makeup remover and I loved it so much. More like I took some from a friend and yah I will be getting my own.


I noticed it is a 2 in 1 miracle in a bottle. I used it as a makeup remover and a cleansing water.

  • Makeup removal
  • Cleansing water
  • It removes dirt effortlessly
  • It is mild which makes it a perfect eye makeup remover
  • You don’t have to wear makeup to use because the cleansing effect is good for the skin.
  • It contains no harsh chemicals.
  • For the few days I used, i loved the feel on my skin.

Once I get it, I will be leaving an honest review here. Watch out..

Which is your best eye makeup remover? Comment down below


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