Motherhood, love & life

Motherhood, love & life | You are a good judge and you know it all until you have your own kids

Welcome back to my blog.

This morning I just want to talk about some of the struggles of been a mother. It’s 10:03am in Lagos, Nigeria and I can actually tell you that I am exhausted. I’m very sure those that can’t relate will be wondering why I would be feeling tired as early as ten in the morning.


It’s so easy to judge a mother whose baby won’t stop crying in a bus while everyone else is trying to enjoy a peaceful ride to their destination. It’s so easy to conclude in your mind that “I wouldn’t even let my kids do that if I was in her shoes” and it’s so easy to assume or have an imagination of how motherhood wouldn’t change a thing about you.

I have actually baby sat a lot of kids and I was in the children’s department in church before my daughter. I loved it so very much. Kids are amazing and are bundle of joy and they can also be very very and overly handful. Then, whenever I hear mothers complaining about how their kids are been naughty and how they are exhausted out of their mind, I begin to wonder why they complain about this harmless, adorable beings.

Whenever I see a child crying out his or her voice and the mother is not doing anything, I wonder and judge immediately but I’m here to say wow it’s not an easy task.

It’s easy to say “why can’t she try this and do it this way” or “wait she is a mother, she should be able to know what to do”.



🀣🀣🀣 It’s safe to start this with a laughing emoji because that is best representation of the things going on in my mind right now. As early as 6am, I’m already praying for night to come and when she is sleeping peaceful, I miss her already. Isn’t that funny?

It’s easy to judge someone when you are not in their shoes. I do baby sit kids for my neighbors then and also taking care of the kids in church. Now, I realized the difference. I get to have them for few moments while been a mother you get to have them for life. My daughter is 9months old but I already have a graduation theme party for when she will graduate from the university 🀣🀣.

When you see a mother smiling while looking at her kids, it’s not them kids saying something funny but the surprise that you can still stay sane, balance, coordinate and still have more hairs on your head after everything.

Having a helping hand is a huge luxury that mothers cherish genuinely. If you have family, friends & loved ones close by that you can trust with your kids and are willing to help, it’s a huge deal. For those who don’t have much people around, I know how hard it can be. One of the things that baffles me as a mother is that, whenever we see these little bomb with their toothy smiles, you just forget the reason why you are exhausted in the first place.

To every good mothers out there, you are amazing and you are doing an amazing Job. The best part is, 5 minutes without them feels like 5 years 😍😍.


Thank you for reading

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