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Skincare | Cetaphil moisturizing cream & lotion for glowing, softer and clear skin

Welcome back to my blog.

Let’s talk about healthy skincare today. I have never really had skin problems and one time I did was during pregnancy.

I know having a blemish free skin is one major goal everyone would like to achieve. Whether you are the type that loves taking care of your skin or you just ignore it the truth is, we all love to have a glowing, beauty and healthy skin.

For almost two months now I have been using cetaphil products and I planned on getting the cleanser and just stick with cetaphil for now.


If you don’t know the different between moisturizing cream and lotion, kindly click this link to understand the difference and know exactly which you need.

Cetaphil moisturizing cream is thick but soft and very smooth on the skin. I used this on my body but not face. Oh it is totally fine to use on the face. I just decided to skip the face and use something else.

This cream is good for dry and sensitive skin. It is well hydrated and fragrance free.

Reasons to get cetaphil moisturizing cream

  1. The primary ingredient is water. This means it is very good for someone with dry skin with the aim of having a well hydrated skin.
  2. It last longer on the skin and also in terms of quantity. You don’t have to worry about getting your body cream every month.
  3. One thing I noticed and love about the cream is that, it’s exfoliate and I don’t think many people realized this. At first I didn’t notice but then later i saw that the dull part of my skin were peeling off and revealing smooth, soft part of my skin.


  • It’s a little bit pricey


Here, this is my deal and love right here. Sometimes around July, i persuaded my sister to get this lotion when she was travelling. Later I found out she got her own lotion that she is used to and i picked up the lotion. Best decision ever 😁🤣

Like this is the first time I am very happy I didn’t have to worry about if a lotion is really cool for my skin. I don’t use lotion or cream on my skin every day. The weather is supposed to be cold but somehow the sun is not in a good term with us in lagos.

This lotion is so amazing. It feels like I’m rubbing my face with butter mixed with water but in an amazing kind of way. I literally massaged my face everytime I used it. My facial skin is well hydrated, bright, clearer and smooth.

I was wearing my classic glow kit here… no foundation

Reasons to get cetaphil moisturizing lotion

  1. It hydrates the skin
  2. It brightens the skin
  3. It makes the skin soft, smooth and actually clears not too serious blemishes
  4. It is very light weight
  5. It can used as a facial primer before makeup and also an alternative sun block.


  • Yes it is a little pricey but it comes in different sizes.

Have you used cetaphil moisturizing lotion or cream before? Share your experience in the comment section.


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