Blogmas day 7 | 10 fashion Trends from the 90s that are cool again

It’s day 7 of my 2019 blogmas edition.

Welcome back to my blog and to this year blogmas edition. I’ll like to share with you guys some cool fashion trends from the 90s that made fall in love with writing about fashion and needs to be cool again.


  • Caribbean skirt

I knew I had up to 3-5 different colours of Caribbean skirt when I was young. I love this skirt because of it’s free flowing style and shakira made me love this. When I saw her “hips don’t lie video” I knew I would be obsessed with the skirt.

Recently I started seeing people rocking Caribbean skirts again and I’m over the moon. The second chance TV series star “Isabel” made me fall in love more with Caribbean skirt.

  • Polo Crop top

  • Sheer shirt

  • Overalls dungarees

  • Hight waist jeans

  • Maxi dress

  • Short denim skirt

  • Long denim skirt

  • Beret

  • Bucket hat

Which is your favourite?

Next blogmas post tomorrow…

Images: Pinterest

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