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Blogging Tips | 4 simple and important ways to get more views and drive traffic to your blog

Welcome back to my blog and happy weekend to all my beautiful greeny apples.

Today, I want to share with you all three simple and important ways to get real view on your blog.

My blog is going to be 2 years soon and when I first started writing, I was not impressed by the amount of views I had but I kept writing and trying different methods. Social media is a great way to share tour blog post and build yourself a name/community but at the same time, you find out people are not really clicking on your link to read more about your posts. This can be very frustrating and might discourage one from writing.

I think 3-6months into writing, I almost gave up on my blogging dream. I remembered I didn’t post for a long time because of the poor impressions I was getting.

Like I said earlier, I tried so many ways and I am glad to say things have improved about 60% for me since then.

One of the ways I increased my stats can be found in this link below.

Blogging Tips | How to keep your blog stats growing everyday without posting new topics with just one App

Here are the 3 simple ways to get genuine views and grow your stats.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Don’t get confused when you hear or see the words SEO. In a simple way let’s just call it Keywords (google keywords or phrases). Let me break down what SEO is according to online definition then, I will break it down to you how this is very important in blogging and generating traffic to your blog.

Search engine optimization is the process of increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic by increasing the visibility of a website or a web page to users of a web search engine.

SEO can be accessible in some ways like free, editorial, natural or organic in other words;

  1. Paid
  2. Unpaid

There are certain ways to get some sites, apps, or a third party site like plugins to help implement the right keywords and be on top Google search.

Unpaid, you can simple search for the words yourself and trust me you will still get some meaningful views.

When you blog with wordpress, automatically you are made public to search engines which is a good thing.


Like I said Keywords are very important. One of the part of your blog post that needs it most is your title. When I first started blogging, i actually just write whatever is going on in my head and don’t get me wrong, I still do that very much but with a little knowledge.

For example you want to write on the the FENTY FOUNDATION. Go to your browser first and type in fenty foundation and you will see two things.

  1. Your web browser will show you the amount of people that search for that word in seconds.
  2. You will top search as the first site that pops up.

Take note of the first three site and compare their title by checking out the words. From this, you can form a very good title and when people search for those words, you will be visible.

If you have the means to take this to another level, you can seek professional advice or get a third party in on it and pay.

SEO takes to build up and works properly. Once you start implementing this method and getting the right keywords and phrases, surely you will start seeing results.

P.s There is more to SEO than just these few sentences because this is just a basic understanding to what SEO means and I will advice you read more on it.


This might not seem like it is necessary but believe me it helps a lot. When you check your stats, go to your weekly, monthly or yearly stats record and see which country people view your blog posts the most. Once you get the country, check their time zone and publish some of your posts using their time.

I got most views from USA & INDIA and I look at the difference between our time and their, then I post when I noticed they are likely to read my post.


This is as simple as it can get. Check your post that is doing well, see the topic and write more on that topic that people have interest in.


Don’t just add any link to your new posts and don’t add to much. Look for your old post that is similar to your new post, add the link. This will make people read more on that topic.

These are just simple things to do and I hope it will improve your stats. Don’t get too bothered about your stats if you are a new blogger, just focus and building first.

Thanks for reading…


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