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Blogmas day 3 | Skincare | Bio oil for stretch marks, does it really work?

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It’s day 3 of blogmas 2019 edition and today, I’ll be talking about skincare and also writing review on this product.

Welcome back to my blog. If you are a new follower, thank you for the follow and get ready for awesome posts. To my old followers, I’m grateful.

Have you used Bio Oil before? If yes, please drop your experience in the comment section.


Key Ingredients in BIO OIL and their importance

  1. Vitamin A: Improves appearance of skin tone and texture
  2. Vitamin E: Makes skin look healthier, protects from free radicals, improves moisture content of the skin making it smooth, soft and supple
  3. PurCellin oil: Reduces formulation thickness, improves smoothness, eases application and emollient leaving the skin smooth, soft and supple.
  4. Calendula oil: Good for damaged, sunburned and sensitive skin. Treats inflammation, and can be used to fight minor skin infections, irritation and rashes
  5. Rosemary oil: Nourishes and conditions the skin, has mild antiseptic and soothing properties
  6. Lavender oil: Conditions skin, provides soothing effect and is a natural antiseptic
  7. Chamomile oil: Anti-inflammatory, has soothing effect on the skin, and good for sensitive skin

Uses of Bio oil

It’s not just stretch marks that bio oil has been claimed to cure. I have seen reviews that it works for other skin inflammation like;

  • Stretch marks
  • Acne scars
  • For skin lightening
  • For hair (I do not know how true this is)
  • For aging skin
  • And for flaky skin


I do have stretch marks before Genesis and I tried so many things before someone recommended BIO OIL as an effective remedy. I saw changes but not as much as I was expecting or I had high expectations. I know some things takes time but then I didn’t maintain my weight. I actually stopped after a while and I guess I wasn’t patient enough then to let it work.


Truth is, I don’t think any woman can escape stretch marks during pregnancy. The stretching of the skin and constant itching of the belly usually results into stretch marks. I have seen a lot of instagram peeps with zero stretch Marks during pregnancy and I must tell you, airbrush pictures are real 😊 but however some products can reduce the intensity of stretch Mark’s. Nothing worked for my stretched marks during pregnancy and to be honest, I wasn’t bothered because I really didn’t have much patient then to try anything more.


I have tried BIO OIL for my stretch marks but honestly, I haven’t seen much changes thought and I must say that I only use it whenever I remember. I think consistency is the key to getting a good result at things. I wasnt consistent and at some point I stopped.


  • It’s packaging is very nice. It comes in a pink bottle and white cover.
  • It comes in sizes
  • It’s fragrance is mild and good for sensitive noses
  • It can be used by all skin types
  • It’s non greasy and absorbs quickly into the skin
  • It works when used consistently


  • If you have super oily skin, I don’t think it’s advisable
  • It’s a little expensive though

My Take on Bio Oil generally

It works when used consistently. I have seen the result on some and it really reduced the intensity of the marks. It has no side effect when used for a long or short period of time, so your skin is absolutely safe because it is made from natural ingredients.

Will I use this product again?

Yes I’m going to get in a small size and try again with much consistency and hope for an amazing result with positive altitude 😊

Will I recommend Bio oil?

Oh yes, I will definitely recommend it to someone.

All sizes

25ml, 50ml, 100ml, 200ml

You can get at beauty stores and please be sure of where you are buying it. There are lots of imitation out there.

Have you used Bio oil before? Please share your experience in the comment section.

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