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Motherhood, love & life | what do you miss about being pregnant?

Welcome back to my blog 😊

I’m sorry for been MIA. I have been preparing for blogmas πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ and I promise this year’s edition will be lit πŸ”₯

This morning I was going through one of my favorite mummy website and I came across a very interesting question which reads “what do you miss about being pregnant?

So mothers in the house, I’m throwing the question back to all of us.


In all honesty, if you had asked me this question when I was pregnant if I would missed anything about being pregnant, I’m very sure my answer would have been a big NO.

It turns out that I actually do miss some certain things about been pregnant.

Here are the few things I missed about being pregnant

  • I missed the cute kicks and baby movement
  • I missed my awesome big bump 🀣🀣 though at 7months I was very uncomfortable
  • I missed those free gowns and my my excuse for not caring about my dressing
  • I missed eating spicy foods. Apparently without been pregnant, my health can’t deal with it
  • I miss that I didn’t have to do more about skincare. I could easily just blame my lack of skin care routine on my pregnancy 🀣🀣
  • I missed the food cravings though. Oh yes I still love food regardless
  • I missed those quiet moment I had with my baby and just get to say random cute things to her. Well now I dare not because after trying to get her to sleep for almost 2hrs, nobody is allowed to even say anything in the house.
  • I missed that awesome feeling of carrying a life inside my not so tiny body
  • Finally I missed the fact that tiny human didn’t give me any reasons to shout, argue or wish everytime could be night time 🀣🀣🀣🀣.

I actually did missed a lot though and in regardless of the tough times, I’m sure many mothers wouldn’t think twice to have another 😍😊

So what do you miss about being pregnant? To the men, did you miss anything when she was pregnant?

Comment down below…

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  1. Definitely the kicks and heavy shifts I would feel when he was still in my tum. I miss how good my skin was (before hitting 8 months) It looked like honeyπŸ˜„. And my nails grew sooo much, I miss that. 😁

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