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Harmattan & Winter Haircare | Important tips to taking of your hair this cold season

Winter is here ☃️❄❄

Harmattan is here ❄❄

This is what harmattan looks like in Nigeria

Welcome back to my blog. The cold season is upon us and I want to drop few tips on how to maintain our beautiful hair (natural and relaxed hair) from all kinds of damage.

This season can be very tough on hair and skin. Harmattan here is not as intense and cold as winter season but the part about harmattan that makes me angry is the dust. You can clean the house 5times in a day and don’t get me started on the flaky skin of many and the scorching sun in the afternoon despite the cold. Some part of Nigeria gets very cold during harmattan like blocks dropping from the sky and some parts experience snowfall too but Lagos 😂😂😂 the sun will always come out.

Here are the tips to taking care of your hair this cold season. These amazing tips were listed by one of my favorite hair guru on Instagram @sxlfcarebible

  • Deep conditioning is very important this season
  • Put your hair in protective styles
  • Use hair oils or butter
  • Keep your hair ends tucked away
  • Oil your scalp twice a week or how best it works for you
  • Stay away from styles like twist outs, wash and go or exposing your hair to the harsh weather. These can cause your hair to get dry and get single stand knots
  • Trim your splints ends now
  • Focus on washing your scalp and not the entire length of your hair
  • Let your spray bottle contains mixtures like rice water, liquid leave in conditioner. Spray your hair with rice water and also your scalp because of the protein present in rice it will keep your hair from dryness but if your hair is protein sensitive, please skip this process
  • Try a prepoo treatment
  • Let oil like jamaican oil, castor oil or olive oil be your friend this season.

Add your cold season haircare routine in the comment section. I hope this helps

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