Motherhood, love & life |Breastfeeding & Food Cravings

Welcome back to my blog my beautiful WP family.

Happy weekend to my wonderful greeny apples. How is the weekend going? Tell me in the comment section 😊😊

On today’s episode of motherhood, love and life, I will be talking about food craving that comes with breastfeeding.

Who else eats like a starved animal during breastfeeding?


I know this can’t be me alone. Genesis is 8months old and it’s really funny to say my daughter loves food a whole lot. One of the advantage that I have is that she doesn’t reject anything unless it’s too sweet and it’s just few things she rejects.

No matter what I give her as food trust me, she is coming back for her favorite fresh smoothie which is breastmilk 🀣🀣.

So today I’m not talking about her diet but my own appetite during this breastfeeding period. On a normal day I love good food and I eat but now with breastfeeding, it’s like 10x the normal day. At nights I have a small chair or sometimes the head of the bed that I usually kept bread, biscuits, beverages and sometimes fruits which is rare because I don’t like fruits *don’t judge me*

My question is, is there any mother here with the same issue?

Please comment down below…


  1. My weekend is going well 😊 okay I’m very sure you are not the only one with crazy food cravings. I had a very crazy cravings when I had my first son that at some point it was just overwhelming but seeing your child makes it all good

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  2. Oh I’m so happy to have find your blog. I’m loving all your write ups already and your daughter is very beautiful with a unique name. Yes I had cravings when I was breastfeeding my daughter. I would literally eat anything and everything and I gained a whole lot of weight.

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