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skincare | 4 Natural Homemade toners for all skin types

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Using a toner after cleansing

I remember during my training in the beauty school, facial treatment was actually one of the most delicate courses we had to deal with. The first thing anyone would see when they look at you is the face so, any wrong treatment or care could lead to a serious problem.

There is a little confusion when it comes to facial cleansing which includes the use of cleanser, scrub and toner which you can see in the link below.

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The work of the cleanser is to open the pore to allow every product easy penetration for it to be effective. Cleansers/astringents works after opening the pore. They penetrate deep inside to fight all blemishes and perform their functions. The toner calms the face because some cleansers are harsh and it closes the pore. Toners are mild, gives the face a soothing relieve, rejuvenate the skin, tones the skin mildly and refreshes the skin. Toners are not harsh, it balances the skin PH and re-establish the natural PH so it is less prone to oiliness and infections by closing the pore and tightens the skin.

Using toner is necessary and I wouldn’t advice skipping it in any of your cleansing routines. Well, toners might be expensive depending on their brands but you can make a very useful and effective toner at home.

Homemade toners

  • Aloe Vera toner;

This is one of the best natural skin care ingredients that can provide effective relief for various skin conditions such as excessive dry skin, aging skin and severe acne. It has amazing moisturizing properties that work as a good skin care creams. It helps smoothen out wrinkles, fine lines and spots associated with aging by restoring elasticity that is lost with aging. It contains vitamin C and E, both which are known for increasing the collagen in the skin which aids to improve firmness and suppleness of the skin.

How to use it;

cut the aloe vera leaf and squeeze out the gel from the leaf. Apply it straight to the face and neck in a consistent way. Wait for 20minutes and then wash off with water to that young and vibrant glowing skin naturally

  • Tomato toner

For those with sensitive skin, this is one of the best natural skin care toner. Ripe red tomato has amazing effects on skin tightening, shrinking large open pores and curing skin irritation. It also helps get rid of black heads on the nose. It contains vitamin A, C and K that enhances the overall health of the skin and it can be use to remove dead skin cells from the skin surface to reveal clear and radiant glowing skin.

How to use it

cut a fresh ripe tomato into two halves and squeeze out the juice, add 1 tablespoon of cucumber juice to it and mix thoroughly. Dip a cotton ball I the mixture and wipe your face with it by applying it. It will reduce excessive oiliness, acne and open pore. You can do this twice a day or three times in a week (three days in a week)

  • Apple cider vinegar toner

It is an ingredient that is readily available with different purposes benefits from hair to skin problems and diet. It helps to restore and balances the natural pH of the skin and enhances overall complexion. It evens out the skin tone, lightens sun tan and ages spots, removes dead skin cells and shrinks the size of the skin pores. It is a toner that is very simple to make and store for future use.

How to use it

mix 2 teaspoonful of apple cider vinegar with 4 teaspoonful of distilled water. Combine it store in a bottle. Soak a cotton ball in the mixture and wipe your face with it twice daily (3 days in a week)

  • Green tea toner

This i have tried and it works magic with its youthful and glowing result I got after a week. though green tea are best known for their amazing weight loss benefits but the anti oxidant richness present in the green tea helps to maintain all round healthy skin and reduces the appearance of aging skins such as wrinkles, fine lines, age spots and other noticeable aging signs. It locks the moisture in the skin in order to prevent dry and roughness of skin and also soaks away excess oil from the skin surface so that you can get rid of that embarrassing shine.

How to use it

boil 1 cup of water in a pot and steep 1-2 bags of green tea in the boiling water for 10 mins. Let the water cool down completely and store in an empty clean spritz bottle. Spritz it on your face every morning and evening to lock the moisture in and have a glowing skin. The cool tea bag can be place underneath the eyes for getting read of puff eye and black under eye bags.

Now that you have these amazing 4 home made toner be sure to include them into your facial routines and enjoy the amazing glowing effects.

I would recommend you do a patch test before using any of these to prevent allergy and also these toners can be used a routine on their own without much facial care steps.


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