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Natural hair | 6 simple way I care for my type 4c hair

Hello my apples, do we have any type 4c naturalista in the apple family?

If your natural hair is type 4c, this is for you and of course all type too.

Why am I focusing on TYPE 4C? It’s because I have a type 4c hair and I have been going through some challenges in figuring out how to take proper care of my hair.

If you don’t know your hair type, don’t worry I’m going to make a post about how to identify your hair type. I think type 4c is a real big challenge in the chart of natural hair type but if I’m wrong correct me please. I didn’t know I would face a whole of challenges with my hair especially being the type that doesn’t like making my hair.

Natural hair is not for the weak o πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£. So without any more talk, I will go straight to how I care for my natural hair.

First I will share with you three routine I saw online and I have been following and also share my own steps in taking care of my hair.

What is 4C Hair?

What is 4C hair type? Loving Kinky Curls defines 4C hair as a type of hair with beautiful tight coils and unlike 4A and 4B, in its natural state, it almost has no natural defined curl pattern. It has more of very tight β€˜Z’ pattern.



  • Cover your hair with satin bonnet
  • Style your hair in a protective styles
  • Avoid too much manipulation


  • Always use a sulphate free shampoo
  • Deep conditioning treatment
  • Protective styling
  • Inversion therapy method. The inversion method is said to help you grow your hair an extra inch or two per month. Proponents of the method believe that hanging your head upside down increases blood flow to the scalp, stimulating hair growth. Some methods even suggest doing a headstand, handstand, or using an inversion table. This I haven’t try
  • Oil scalp treatment


  • Apple cider and baking soda treatment. It’s a hair mask but I haven’t try it.
  • Protein treatment
  • Pre-poo treatment with rice water. Which is my favorite and the ultimate hair growth therapy.

So in my quest to finding the best hair care routine for my hair, these are the steps I found. Some I haven’t try while those that I have tried has been really helpful. Like the rice water therapy, oil scalp treatment, deep conditioning treatment, avoiding sulphate products, wearing of bonnet at night and protective styling.


I did so many things to get my hair to obey me but I will drop the most essential tips that really changed my hair game.

  • Rice water therapy

Not only did my hair grow few inches in a month, it also made my hair shine and silky. I made a mist out of rice water therapy in my spray bottle.

What’s in my spray bottle?

  • Rice water
  • Hair wonder growth oil
  • Vitale olive oil anti breakage leave in conditioner. It’s a liquid conditioner

This I used in replacement of water when styling my hair in a protective style.

Related: How to get fuller with rice water

  • Deep conditioning treatment / Co wash and moisturize

I ditch my shampoo sometimes when washing my hair. If my hair has been in a protective style for a while, durng my washing, I don’t use a shampoo. I go straight to my conditioner. This process is called co-wash or conditioner washing. I also switch it to deep conditioning treatment most of the time. I just add honey, jamaican oil or olive to my conditioner. After applying it generously from the scalp to the route, I wrap my hair up with shower cap and a towel and let it sit in for 30mins.

During this process I detangle my hair with my fingers and I comb in sections.

  • Warm oil scalp massage

Massage is very good for the body. It relaxes the body and also promote blood circulation. It works same way for the scalp. Scalp massage stimulate the scalp and helps blood circulation to the hair glands and follicle which promotes hair growth.

How I prepare my oil;

  • I usually add more than one type of oil for this treatment
  • I use olive oil, castor oil, jamaican oil and sometimes almond
  • I put the mixture in a pan. You can heat on stove or microwave
  • I section my hair in parts and apply the oil
  • I usually massage in a circular motion with the kneading of my finger not nails
  • Sometimes I wash my hair days later and other times, I just let it go with the flow.
  • Scalp massage also helps in fast relieve of headaches

I hope you find any of these steps useful. Comment down below questions, suggestions, addiction and also whatever tips you would like for me to write on. I will be doing some products review soon.

Thank you guys for 600+ followers 😚😚

Featured image: Pinterest by vashti Harrison


    1. Yah it does and that’s why I added oil to mine just to give it a nice fragrance. The truth is I don’t have a specific time because the longer the better but think longest have kept it was 2 weeks. To reduce the smell just add jamaican oil or almond oil


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