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Hello my greeny Apples!

I went for a short break just to put somethings in order but I’m back now and I have awesome news and amazing posts.

So let me go straight to my new updates and new projects that I want you all to be part of.


yes, you guessed right. I have two other blogs and I know you all must be wondering how I manage three blogs with my daughter and other things in my life.

If you are a consistent follower, you will know I’m quite transparent about things in my life and also my dream of turning my blog(s) into a career.


I have two amazing women that have similar interests as myself. So I’m teaming up with them to bring our dreams to reality. In few months all three blogs will be a self hosted site and this will enable us monetize them but trust me I won’t fill the blogs up with ads and you will still enjoy quality posts like before.


Yes I love to write and I have quite large amount of things that makes me happy and write about.


Which is is this very blog I’m posting this on. This blog is a year old and I’m happy to say it’s really giving me Joy lately. The amount of readers and places I get notifications from, makes me want to write everyday. Thank you everyone and I’m grateful.

I will be focusing on fashion, makeup, hair, skincare & beauty in general and blogging tips on this blog.

2. MTS

The funny thing is that, this blog is older than the other two but I took a huge break when I was pregnant and also during my final project in school.

MTS is a travel blog. I write about beautiful places, cultures, foods, carnivals, islands, beaches, museums, hotels and also how to choose the right place for you when traveling.

MTS stands for mobile travel site.

You can visit and follow by clicking on this link.


This blog is about love, relationship, marriage, singlehood, fantasies, stories and of course sex. This blogs will be touching all areas of been single, dating, marriage and divorce.

Here is a link to follow


here there will be new posts on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and any day I feel like posting πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Thank you all for been part of my journey to making my dreams a reality.

New posts coming out soon…


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