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Hair care | My type 4c natural hair growth update with rice water & three other amazing products

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I’m really happy about this post because I get to share with you all my type 4c hair journey struggles.

My Natural Hair story

I had my BC around February last year and it’s been a very interesting hair journey. I totally ignored my hair for a while. I did nothing to it and just let it have a mind of its own for about two months before I decided to have a relationship with my hair.

Natural hair journey can be quite challenging and it is very expensive to maintain but if you know your hair well and your tips and tricks are from reliable source then, you won’t have to break the bank to get a healthy hair.

I was pregnant most of the beginning so, I didn’t do quite much. I used VO5 shampoo in straw berry, VO5 conditioner and olive oil and I just twist it and that’s it.


About three months ago, I started taking my hair more serious and doing some treatment and experimenting. For natural hair, just avoid product with sulphate as one of the ingredients.

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My hair growth miracle product

The rice water method. Click this link to check out how to go about it.

Cantu Shea Butter Curl Care Starter Kit

Creme Nature argan oil conditioner

Hair wonder hair cream and oil

These products are great and really helpful in terms of growing my hair and also my edges is getting fuller. Hallelujah

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Here are current pictures of my hair.

That is my birthmark around my neck

Comment down below your hair routine products and your hair type.

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    1. I actually have the Jamaican black castor oil which works well but I just stop because my hair attracts dirts with oil and makes it heavy. Thank you for the comment will check these growth gummies. Have heard about it.


  1. I’d suggest taking a look at our New Sprout Hair Growth Cream, check out the reviews and our Hair Butter for your ends.
    Huge sale on now

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