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Dear diary | It’s another Friday night | I’m stuck with the Telenovela & Telemundo

Dear diary,

It’s another Friday chronicle with Genesis and we are stuck with these Mexicans and Spanish series.

How we spent our day

It started off as a very boring day. I have finished my training and still trying to set up my makeup studio at home (I’m excited about). We didn’t go out today at all which is something I don’t really do much. I rather stay at home and work on how to make a living from my blog, start my thrift sales and my YouTube channel.

I made a little head piece for Genesis with my needle and thread and I also composed some funny little songs.

Today has been a very slow day for me though which is not a bother at all.


Well presently, Genesis is sleeping

My baby in her lovely bonnet

(She loves her night rest so much) while I’m catching up on some lovely old Telenovelas and Telemundo series.


I dare you to leave

Wild skin

Fool into love


Betty in new York

Woman of steel

False identity


I made Rice, vegetable sauce with nice fish and plantain.


Due to breast feeding, i eat later in the night. I will be having a cup of tea and a wheat biscuits.

That’s all for this Friday .

Have you seen any of these Telenovela?

Until next one…

Images: Telemundo and Telenovela images are credited to the original owners…


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