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Dear diary | It’s a junk loving Friday night

Dear diary,

It’s another Friday night and I’m having junks craving thoughts. This is not like every other Friday that I wonder how in the world people enjoy sweaty bodies, loud music, drinking

over wearing a loose pj and vegging out with a floor picnic and old movie (I just narrated pretty woman to you), what a classy and ever green movie.

It’s still the movie that made me fall in love with Julia Robert before my best friends wedding.

I have the love and cravings of junks robbing me off my peaceful Friday.

Fridays with Genesis (my 5months old daughter) are always fun especially the part where we get to see marathon episodes of SpongeBob square pants (don’t you dare judge me)

Today 19th of July 2019 a typical Friday night, all I just want to do is eat junks and veg out with Genesis while watching Elena of avalor but all thanks to our account balance.

Since we couldn’t order any junks, we decided to use our imagination but we still get to watch SpongeBob. (Mr krabs loves money, squidward is so lazy yet classy while Patrick Starr is still an awesome dumb friend while plankton is still failing in Stealing the recipe).

Enjoy my junks imagination with me..

How is your Friday night going?

Till next Friday



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