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Blogging | Different types of blogs and how to create a niche/community for new & old bloggers

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Happy 4th July to my followers in the abroad (laughing).

Good morning my beautiful greeny Apples. How y’all doing this morning? Tell me in the comment section.

So today I’m going to be talking about different types of blogging and how to create a niche/community for yourself and grow your blog into something really nice.

One thing for sure is that, there are no rules in blogging but there are quidelines you can follow to creating a wonderful blog you can be proud of. You can blog about anything and everything but make sure you pick something you love and have passion for so you can have an easy writing time.

There are absolutely different types of blogging and I will be talking about some and things you can do with them in other to create a great niche and community for yourself.


  1. Photography Blogging
  2. Beauty blogging
  3. Food blogging
  4. Travel blogging
  5. Architectural design blogging
  6. Religious blogging
  7. Fashion blogging
  8. Book blogging
  9. Technology blogging
  10. Movie blogging
  11. Relationship blogging
  12. Lifestyle blogging
  13. Culture blogging
  14. Parent and baby blogging
  15. Games blogging
  16. Political blogging
  17. Gossip blogging
  18. Add yours


Here i will be listing out things you can write under these blogs mentioned above and how you can expand it.

I will take few examples from the above mentioned blog types and talk about them.

1. Photography Blogging

This type of blog is actually very catchy, interesting and has a whole lot to write about.

You have the opportunity of writing about:

  • Cameras
  • Editing apps
  • Share pictures
  • Compare and contrast cameras, editing apps.
  • Write reviews on cameras and this will help anyone that is willing to get a new camera
  • Talk about lighting, props and other things that can make one get a great photo
  • Talk about photoshoot
  • Give personal opinions on photos
  • Talk about famous photographers
  • Talk about up coming photographers
  • Create your own world of photos

You can never go out of things to write in the world of photography.

2. Food blogging

I love food blogs and I love good foods. Imagine a blog where people can come and learn new recipes about different kinds of food.

You have the opportunity of writing about;

  • Recipes
  • Different food from different cultures and countries
  • Share about food festival
  • Share images of amazing foods
  • Give people tips on how to make fast food
  • Compare foods
  • Share your groceries experience
  • This can lead to having a YouTube channel and share your cooking ideas practically.

3. Beauty blogging

This is my world. Beauty blogging is a wide niche in blogging. We can have about four to five sub niches under beauty blogging like;

  1. Hair
  2. Makeup
  3. Skin
  4. Body in general
  5. and more

You have the opportunity to write about;

  • Your looks (makeup of the day/night)
  • How to switch looks
  • Tips on how to take care of skin, hair, body in general
  • Favorite part of beauty blog is that you can write honest reviews about all kinds of products which will give people ideas in which product is best for their skin and body type
  • Hair and care tips
  • Share diy tips on makeup and hair
  • A whole lot to wite on this blog type.


For those of us that wants and like to blog about multiples things, I will share blogs that can go together to form one amazing blog.

  1. Beauty & Fashion blog
  2. Travel, Culture & food blog
  3. Relationship, Parenting and Baby blog
  4. Movie & book blog
  5. Photography & Technology
  6. Travel & Architectural design blogging
  7. Religion & lifestyle blog

So here is a little something for my new bloggers.

Catch my next post soonest…

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0 thoughts on “Blogging | Different types of blogs and how to create a niche/community for new & old bloggers

  1. πŸ™‚ So far, things have been going great for me.

    I can clearly see, that you highlighted many of the blogging niches in the blogosphere.

    Do have yourself a wonderful week and may your blog acquire a large number of views!

  2. πŸ™‚ Hello!

    First I gotta say that this is a beautiful blog and that these are good guidelines to get content ready for those niches. In our Nido colectivo we try to write with passion and of course be passionate about the content. We really hope with transmit enthusiasm with our blog as you do. We still have lots to learn though πŸ™‚

    Thanks for writing this πŸ™‚

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