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Books | My 3 favorite Authors and their books that I’m into at the moment

Hello my book loving Apples,

It’s another raining morning here in Lagos. So for those enjoying summer holidays and would like to add reading to their lists of to do list, we’ll I’ve got you covered.

I started reading a lot more when I was pregnant and to be honest it has helped a lot. Sometimes I just don’t feel like doing anything (I just typed that sentence in bruno mars’s voice) but my favorite book app has helped me a lot.

Here is a link to check out my post on free book apps >>>> Free books you should have

ANYBOOK APP is my favorite book app and my go to source to having a great day.



From the moment I read just one of her novels, i found myself reading more and more. One of the things i loved about her novels is that, they are short, straight forward to the story and you can relate to 80% of them especially if you are the type that loves to live in a fantasy world.

I don’t think I can call it CONS because some are into her kind of novels (like me though). Her novels usually contains heavy adult languages, a whole lot of sexual scenes but very detailed.

I love me some Alexa Riley

Here are some of her books that I love

  • Stealing Christmas
  • Curvy
  • Roping the virgin
  • The virgin cowboy
  • Holding his forever
  • Untouched
  • Owning the beast
  • Stolen princess
  • Mr and Mrs
  • the duet virgin
  • P.s. you are mine
  • Shielding Lily
  • Mechanic
  • everything for her
  • His alone

Here are some of her shape shifters, wolves and virmpires books that I love

  • The lost slipper
  • Beauty sleeps
  • Riding Red


She was my first love (author wise) before I fell in love with Alexa Riley. Abbi glines has the best series in novel. One of the best things about her series is that, she wrote them in such a way that you feel like you are reading are out everyone’s story in a small town and you can definitely relate to it.

Her best series are;

  • Rosemary Beach
  • The Vincent boys
  • Field party
  • Sea breeze
  • and the existence series.

Sea breeze is the best series in have read so far and it contains books like;

  • Because of low
  • Breathes
  • While it last
  • Just for now
  • Bad for you
  • Until the end
  • Hold on tight
  • Misbehaving
  • Until the end
  • Sometimes it lasts

Her Trilogy series about falling in love with death

  • Existence
  • Ceaseless
  • Predestined
  • Leif


I have read just six of her virmpires series and I can’t tell you it’s not scary but all love with a touch of fangs.

Her books

  • Here be sexist vampires
  • The bite that binds
  • Taste of torment
  • Consumed
  • Fiercer obsession
  • Carnal secrets

Bonus favorite authors

  • Anna Todd
  • C.M Owens
  • Bella Andre
  • Carly Philips

I’m about to start reading their books and I’m sure they will be awesome.

PROS about Anybook app

  • You can read anywhere, anytime
  • It suggests book for you based on what you love to read
  • No disturbing ads
  • You can sign up or go on reading but once you sign up and you change your device, you can sign in back on your new device without loosing your bookshelf.
  • It gives you bookshelf
  • You can delete any book you don’t want ant any time.


  • Prepared to be addicted
  • It’s only available for android users for now

Until my next post…

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