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Blogging Tips | How to keep your blog stats growing everyday without posting new topics with just one App

Hello my Apples,

How are you guys doing? I’m sure we are all enjoying the summer break. Well it’s rainy season here in Nigeria and believe me the rain has been falling non stop but I’m loving it.

Straight to today’s post.

I’m sure you must be wondering if there is actually one App that can give you this kind of satisfaction. Well, believe when I say it’s possible and I’m a living witness (drama queen).

If you noticed lately I haven’t been posting much and I think last week I published a post where I reached out to everyone for help and I’m grateful that even though I had zero response here, some people reached out to me with kind words and prayers. I’m really excited. Back to today’s topic. Yes, I do get daily views even when I don’t post anything new.


With these screenshot you can see how my pins were been saved. Each time your pins are been saved, it automatically means someone is viewing that post.

I can upload all my notifications but I get them everyday. You can see those one that came in today.

All thanks to this one effective app PINTEREST.

PINTEREST has been a great source of views for my blog everyday.


  • It allows you create different boards (like when you create a niche or categories) where you can post your link
  • It doesn’t matter of you have few followers. Just get the right board name and what people what to read.
  • There are millions of visitors everyday on Pinterest. If you’ve got the right content, people will find you
  • It is very easy to use
  • You can also find amazing inspiration for your blog post
  • If you are confused on what to blog about, use Pinterest
  • I can boldly say 70% of my featured images are from Pinterest.
  • Lastly, it gives you more insights on the kind of posts people wants by showing the ones that gets more saved.

Download PINTEREST today and see what the hype is all about.

Until my next post…


    1. It’s very easy to use. Once you sign up (which I would suggest you do with an email connected to your blog), you can start searching for your areas of interest. Like Facebook you call it post, Twitter you call tweet but for Pinterest they are called pins and you create a board of your interest. You title your board (natural hair) any of your blog post related to natural hair, juat share the link on the board. Anytime anyone searches for natural hair, your post will be among the ones that will pop. It has really helped my blog. Give it a try


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