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10 Beauty Products that will change your skin and are pocket friendly

hello my Apples, I’m here again but still enjoying my staycation the new mom edition. I will dive straight into today’s new post. I saw this blog post idea on Pinterest so, i decided to write my own version putting up the products that i have used and they work really well for me.

During my pregnancy journey, my face was really rough and at some point i decided to just let the acne and pimples stay but then as a beauty enthusiast, i decided to try some products and low & behold it worked “Hallelujah”. Also some of these products are what i used as my skincare routine products not just for pregnancy period.

Here are the 10 Beauty Products


This toner with its rose petals extract works magic. It is a must have and it doesn’t leave my skin dry and it closes my pores and it firm my skin.


Talk about a very mild toner with effectiveness that gives you even tone. Yes this works like magic and it’s for all skin types.


Which ever one u decide to go for is effective. It cleanses the skin to the pore and removes excess oil clogging your skin and leaves it feeling light and fresh all day. It acts as both cleanser and facial wash.


If you don’t have this cleanser then I don’t know what you are using. It can used for different purposes like a mild scrub, cleansing agent, for eye makeup remover, alternative makeup brushes cleaner. It is one of the best.


Who else wants a softer skin after bathing? Yes this is your answer right here. I don’t know why people thinks anything cocoa is for dark skin though. My friend who is light skin uses this and her skin is looking gorgeous and radiant always.


For dry skin, skin toning, brightening of the skin, this Vaseline cocoa butter products is the best.

For skin brightening uses this mixture

For glowing skin uses these

Dry and patchy skin remedy.


There is one for every skin solution. For rejuvenation

For dark spot

For dry skin

This product is really nice. It can also be used as a foundation primer.


If you don’t own at least one of these mild scrub, then you don’t want to fight that acne or have a radiant skin.


I think if they have new product today, that’s probably the only one I haven’t used. I love their facial wipes a whole lot. And the scrub is milk and truly fights acne.


Best body wash ever. Champagne mango is my favorite.

I hope you will see what works best for you here and trust me, these are all honest reviews.

Join me in the comment section and tell me your experience using any of these or list your own skin care products that works well for you.

Thanks for stopping by.

Until the next post…


      1. This is a remedy for someone with super dry skin. If you have dry skin, you are good to go with this but I would advice u don’t mix it down. You can add on your palm and use whenever its necessary. Thanks for reaching out and if you have any more question, I’ll be happy to help


  1. I’ve been using the Neutrogena acne product for a month now and it’s not working for my pimples. It only makes my facial skin dry because I have an oily skin. I also use cacatin herbal cream and I haven’t noticed any difference yet.

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    1. You have oily skin which means your sebaceous glands produces more oil which cause acne and most of your pores are blocked with oil and this doesn’t allow easy penetration of these products. I will advice you steam your face before application of these products. I’m sure there will be difference. 😊

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    1. I am just curious as to what products can be combined together? For example, the Clean and Clear face washers, or the two toners? Or what products work best. I have combination skin of normal, dry, and slightly oily around my nose area.

      Thank you!

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      1. For normal to dry skin with a little bit of oil on the T zone, i’ll recommend Garnier Skinactive refreshing botanical toner with aloe vera extract and for face wash, CeraVe hydrating Facial cleanser and you are good to go… if these two are too expensive, cetaphil facial wash or clean and clear morning bust with skin success mild toner


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