My staycation essentials | New mom edition

Hello my Apples, I know it’s been long and I promised this month will be better but in reality I’m exhausted.

I put this awesome post together while watching my daughter take her evening nap inside her cot “oh yes I’m inside the cot with”

This is a face of an exhausted new mom but trust me when I say it’s worth every moment.

Today is not about my exhausting vibe “hahahahahahaha”. Since I’ll be spending the next three months at home with my baby, I decided to share my staycation essentials with you guys. I’m sure there is a new mom out there that might find this interesting and a way to spice up her exhausting new lifestyle.



Yes I downloaded new songs, movies and lots of series. My daughter is also getting used to her lullaby and she loves them so much by the way she moves whenever I play it for her. I started some old and new series like Game of thrones which I didn’t like from the beginning but ended up enjoying it from season 4. I also started Grey’s anatomy, 2 broke girls, how I met your mother, prison break and black ish.


Anybook app has really helped me so much throughout my pregnancy journey and now as a nursing mother.

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I downloaded two awesome games over this period and I’m very addicted to them in a good. I downloaded EPISODE & CHOICES. They are both story games and you can choose how your story will start and end.


I know you will be wondering what this app has got to do with my staycation essentials but believe me I learnt a whole lot. I learnt new tricks and hacks useful for a nursing mother and so many wonderful information about pregnancy, delivery and nursing your newborn.


I create little time out of no time for myself to reflect on things, pray, praise and worship God and also to maintain a good balance with my physical being and my mental being and trust me, it’s refreshing.

There you have it.

I hope you find any of my staycation essentials helpful?

Please share with your pregnant and nursing mothers around you.

Thank you


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