Story |The Stranger from the other side of the Bar 3

Baby is ready to be born; contractions are coming in fast, despite helps from family, baby and her still feel so lonely.

Stranger where are you? We need you now. Baby cannot come to this world without seeing you the first day to feel your warmth ‘she said quietly to herself’

Doctors are ready, nurses are ready but little did they know she and the baby were waiting a little more to see this miracle special human, as part of a very important day of their lives.

Stranger, baby is tired of waiting, he is disappointed as you won’t be holding mama’s hand to tell her everything would be okay ‘she said quietly inside;’ though these were her own thoughts but the connections between her and her baby she was certain of the baby’s heart wishes.

short-story-the-stranger-from-the-bar 1

Are the father of the baby sir? She heard when the doctor was asking a man outside but the reflection she saw doesn’t suit the body of the stranger. She knew it was too good to be true, to be lucky and for her prayers to be answered quickly. This reflection belongs to the body of her baby’s father.

Why is he here? He doesn’t even love the baby enough to be the one that would experience the joy of seeing him ‘she said to herself while her little sad face turned into anger’

Where was he when she started having morning sickness? Where was he when she would crave for the unknown in the middle of the night and stranger won’t be tired to get it for her? Where was he when his heart beat was echoing loud in the room and stranger’s eyes were filled with tears of joy? where was he when she couldn’t reach down to wear her foot wear or when she was too tired to choose outfit for any outing as baby kept on growing big?

Why is he here?

Sir we asked again, are you the father of the child? As she was about to answer yes to let her drunk baby father in, another voice was heard saying “I am his biological father”

Baby recognizes the voice and he couldn’t relax anymore, she looked up and saw her stranger and asked for the stranger to be allowed in…

His eyes were full of water, he was looking so happy that he didn’t miss the chance to witness the birth and love of this new life.

An hour later baby ZION was born

And stranger asked to remain in their lives forever. She said yes and the smile from baby was priceless while he held tight to his finger and she was happy to finally realize she was never lucky but blessed.






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