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Blogmas: 12 days of Christmas #2 | 5 protective hairstyles to opt for this cold season

Hello my Apples, how is everyone?

I’m sure we are preparing for to have a swell and wonderful time with our loved ones this festive season. We are all this period is one of the coldest season of the year even though harmattan in Lagos is not as much as other states in Nigeria. For those that experience winter, here are good options to keep your hair in check this cold season and protect it.

This styles are not limited to natural hair. It is great for both natural and relaxed hair. So, without any much delay, below are the 5 protective hairstyles to opt for this cold season.


BRAID (Box or Twist Braid)

This is one protective style you should consider making this cold period. It’s long lasting, it protects the hair from frizzing and believe when I say anyone can pull braid hairstyle off. Good thing is there are so many ways to achieve braids now. You can go for the normal and usual pattern or try crotchet braid

and to save money if you are familiar with making hair, you can do this on your own.


This is also a very good protective hairstyle to opt for this season. It’s fresh, beautiful and will make you feel like a goddess.


In Nigeria we call this protective style Ghana weaving but in other places I don’t know what it is called but I think a good general name is corn rows. This protective style is also a good one to opt for this season.


Yes my Apples you don’t have to break the bank to get expensive and bank account threatening bundles. Get something nice and install to protect your hair.

P.S During sew in, avoid leaving your hair out this season. Try using weave with closure.


Flat twist

Halo braid

Bantu knots

This protective styles is for the naturalistas. There are so many styles to opt for to protect their hair from been flaky, dry, brittle and frizzy.

Thanks for reading and feel free to add yours in the comment section.

All images are from Pinterest and it remains the property of the rightful owners.


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