Story | The stranger from the other side of the bar 2

It was more than coffee, he made everything so easy.

Baby recognizes the sound of his voice, his hands on her belly, the warmth baby felt and the connection they had.

It was awesome and yet scary at the same time. She doesn’t want to think or imagine the thought of not having him around one day. One day that it won’t be convenient for him to accommodate both of them in his world, one day they would need him so much that he won’t be there for them.

She hates to see him leave but it’s the best to be in her own world without having to deal with half attention from anyone. They both deserved the best. The stranger was the perfect figure they both needed but the fact that she had already started her life without him makes it difficult to let him in completely.

She misses him every day, so many lonely nights she checks her phone to see if the stranger would do otherwise and check on them. She was disappointed, baby kept to itself inside, no more hard kicks, no more warmth from a stranger touch on her belly. Baby misses him and she misses him as well.

Why didn’t he call? So they never mattered to him? Why was it so easy for him to move on without them?

Stranger wherever you are baby misses you a lot. He knows the taste of your hot chocolate whenever it gets to him in the belly. Baby loves the noise we both make whenever we play games, cook together, watch movies and read a night story to him.

Stranger where are you?

She fell asleep and hoped for a better tomorrow and her baby moved as an agreement to her prayer and also hoped for the touch of a stranger.

The Stranger from the other side of the bar 1

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