Short Story | My Nigerian wedding night


When the pastor was reciting this verse from the Bible on our wedding day, i was really happy, smiling so hard as the day have always day dream about is here. I was looking forward to spending every moment with my husband.

After the reception party, gifting, dancing and a whole lots of fun, our car arrived for us to leave when suddenly my two sisters in law hopped in with us. I was confused as to what they were up to but i kept my cool and i just assumed we were going to drop them off on our way. Reality of my whole assumption, they followed us home and helped us unpacked and yet my husband didn’t say anything.

I hope this is not what I’m thinking o “I said to myself” I’m a people’s person but not on my wedding night.

At around 11:00pm, i stylishly was looking for a way to ask what their mission was when my husband showed them their room.

Well Titi, i said to myself maybe it’s just a sleepover,nothing to be too dramatic about, then next morning poof they would be gone. The noise coming from their room didn’t even allow me remember all the sexy things i had practiced to spice up our wedding night. lanre (my husband) came out of the bathroom trying to form one sexy character that i didn’t understand as i was too angry to even laugh, he noticed my expression and explained that since they would be resuming school the following week, that was why he allowed them as i would be needing helping hands around the house.

It was my wedding night for goodness sake, let’s start the fun. We were in a long deep romantic kiss, the hairs on my body were already standing at alert when this heavy banging on our door scared the kiss away from my lips

“Bro lanre, it’s mami she is on the phone and want to speak with you urgently”

she would have won the heavy weight knocking champion if anything like that ever existed. he practically fell from the bed trying to get to the phone as fast as he could because the call was kind of serious i guessed. With this serious expression on his face but all i heard was him asking the mum where they were and he would be there in 20mins to pick them up.

He explained how they couldn’t find taxi home as she asked the driver to take the caterers home and other guests of hers. She had being waiting at the reception Area with some of his uncles and at around 1:00am, lanre was still trying to make them comfortable while i just slept off in anger.

In the morning, the noise coming from the sitting room as they were all giggling and rolling on the floor watching a drama series on the TV. It was so loud that you would think we were rendering courses on how to be a DJ. The supposed reason why the sisters were around was to help around the house but reverse was the case. Gifts from the wedding was scattered everywhere, the kitchen was practically empty and they were sitting there glued to the TV.

I greeted everyone,
my mother in law was really considerate she yelled at her daughters to go help out as i was suppose to be enjoying my honeymoon. Lanre two uncles called me back as i was leaving, that it is a tradition for the new wife to pound yam and make egusi soup for them early in the morning. In mind I was really angry, if it wasn’t for the whole taxi thing and my husband that is trying to please everyone, they won’t be here asking for pounded yam and egusi soup. I’m sure if I had pound any yam, the cold toilet sit will be their resting place for the day.

After breakfast, my mum in law prayed for me and they left for their house. I was really happy as she understood my worries and pains but my two sisters in law stayed back and my honeymoon is now a family picnic. I tolerated them for a whole week, they were not considerate at all, So lazy and the only thing they were both good at was to watch TV and make noise while Lanre will join them and discuss matters that doesn’t touch heart. At some point, i thought he wasn’t bothered about my feelings but little did i know he just didn’t want to hurt their feelings as he was the only one representing their father since they lost their father to cancer years back.

Sunday evening, strolling out of the room to watch my favorite show, i saw someone knocking at the door. I opened it, it was the photographer that covered our wedding. He brought the pictures and the video disc which really made me happy.

Few minutes into watching the video of our wedding, i noticed lanre and his sisters were parking at the garage as they went out for shopping. I fast forwarded the video to the part where the pastor was hammering the verse

there a man shall leave his family, cleave unto his wife and they shall become one flesh

At first i thought i was doing too much but when he heard the part, he understood how important it was for him to realize that he has someone’s interest to protect now, he was pleasing his family while making me uncomfortable. I’m not saying his family shouldn’t visit him but people it all started from our wedding night, i married lanre and i didn’t remember including his sisters in my vows.

Till date, i didn’t know how they were touched by that verse that Sunday evening when they heard it but somehow the whole picnic was resolved. His mother apologized and explained how lanre has being the only father they have which i wasn’t trying to stop that union. Lanre arranged another honeymoon away from town and it was a slice of heaven each day, he resolved the whole issues.


The end…


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