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Makeup | Indian inspired bridal look

Hello my Apples, welcome to another exciting look of the makeup looks category.

I was searching through my backup on Google photos, I stumbled upon this pictures and I was very excited. It is a makeup I did for my Best a long time before I even started blogging. I think I did this makeup back in 2016 and it was one of my favorites looks.

It is an Indian inspired bridal look for my bestie.

Makeup products

Foundation – Black opal true color stick foundation in Truly Topaz

Face primer – Elf face primer

Setting powder – Black Opal loose powder in color 2 ( I have it in all shade)

Color corrector – LA pro concealer in red

Finishing powder – Milani compact powder in light shade

Eyeshadow – Classic shadow pallets

Lipstick – classic lipstick in nude

Lipgloss – sleek high shine lipgloss

Brow pencil – wet and wild brow pencil

Brushes – Bobbi Brown makeup set brushes

False lashes – Huda false lashes

Shadow primer – LA pro concealer in fawn

Eyeliner – zaron liquid eyeliner

Highlighter glow – nyx liquid glow

Clothing and accessories

My bestie (Tessy and I)

Hair fixed and styled by me

The final look

Comment your thought down below…

Product images: Pinterest


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