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Dear Diary #4 |10 Myths / Superstitions I believed as a kid

Hello my Apples, welcome back to another exciting episode of my diary section. It’s been a while since I posted in this category and I would like to share with you all some interesting myths I was made to believed when growing.

Some of these things are kinda true but the older I become, the better I realized faith has a huge part in our beliefs.

Here are 10 things that I used to think weren’t myths or superstitions.

Do not forget to add yours in the comment section.

1. Do not let the lizard see your broken tooth:

So maybe there was a tooth fairy or it’s still made but I remembered then when growing up and lose a tooth, as kids we were told to always wrap it up in a piece of paper and I think with stones, then you will have to throw it on the ceiling but you must avoid the lizard seeing it because we were made to believe such tooth won’t grow again.

Isn’t this really funny and crazy at the same time? Oh I forgot the part where you will have to run in and out of the entrance door seven times. ‘Right now I’m laughing really hard’.

2. Do not pick up any food that falls on the floor because devil has eaten it:

I really hate this one so much not because of the fact that it actually logical but the lies. I grew up with my granny and my two male cousins. Each time we are eating and I accidentally dropped food like meat or maybe snack, they will ask me to go out and say a quick prayer so devil will eat it in peace. Later I found out they were the devil because they will pick it up, clean it and eat it while I’m all happy that I have devil the beggar my food. I was 17 when I found out it was a big scam.

3. Do not whistle at night because this is a wakeup call for snakes.

Okay this really scare the bull out of me. I never liked snakes or any crawling reptile for that matter, I’m always scared of 95% of them. I think whistling is kinda snake thing but the night thing I don’t understand.

4. Do not let boys touch you or else you will be pregnant.

Okay this is really weird, funny, sad and bizarre thing to tell her female child. Sex education is very important because then, majority of us kept the boys at arm’s length because we don’t want them to come close or even poke us.

5. Do not eat while standing because you won’t get filled up and you food will disappear from your belly.

Seriously who came up with theory? You know at a point I thought there was a ghost or some kinda food vamps that sucks food from my belly any time am standing while eating.

6. Do not pass through the middle of two people walking.

This is really funny. I think the reason behind this theory is that the person passing through the middle will zap goodness from the other two. Okay this is really funny very funny.

7. It’s bad to share Egg.

So this pisses me off a lot and so many people believed this weirdness in philosophy.

8. Do not give compliment a casket.

I honestly don’t know the reason or theory of belief behind but we were told not to say anything sweet about a casket.

9. Do not give three things to anyone.

Okay let me explain. Then we were told you either give them one or two pieces of anything but three is a no no. I don’t what this would do but I guess it’s just another myths

10. It’s bad to look into the mirror in the night

I was so scared of this superstition because I thought demons would jump out from the other side of the mirror.

Add yours

So guys tell me one myths you were told while growing.


  1. Almost all the points you mentioned are familiar to me. I am from India, and it really surprises me that these superstitions are same in all parts of the world. I have some extra.
    1.Do not cut your nails at night. Also, when you cut your nails, always wrap it in paper and dispose it, because if anyone steps in your broken nails, they will end up hating you😁😁
    2.Don’t say your age on your birthday, it causes bad luck.
    3.Do not go out in numbers of 3. Call another person to come with you or leave one at home😁😁
    4.While on your way, if a black cat crosses your path, it is a bad omen, immediately take a U turn and come back home.

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  2. πŸ˜‚ very funny, but baseless superstitions. we were young and naive so we believed many of those superstitions.
    When growing up there was also one, in fact popular among children then. The superstition was that if you had done something wrong, and someone might report you (to your parents especially) you just take a strand of hair from your head, a strand from your lashes and armpit, then cut your big toes nails and your right thumb nail, wrap them in a paper and then throw it where the person who intends to report you could step on it, that it would make them forget about reporting you. But unfortunately they don’t even work cos that is exactly when the person would add more salt and pepper to the report they give your parents.
    Whenever I think about it now, I couldn’t help but laugh at how ridiculous that was.

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