Short Story | I lost her before knowing her

What else do I want in a woman that she didn’t offer me? Despite my ill altitudes towards her, she never for once stop loving me. I thought this would go on till she gets tired of trying to get my affection and love as I was loving and enjoying the chase. I even wondered if she doesn’t have anything else to think about except me all the time. I was feeling myself as the king of the world, I enjoyed humiliating her, watching her compete for my love, fighting for my attention. Despite all these, she welcomes me with a smile any time I needed someone to talk to.

I can’t even imagine myself dating someone like her, let alone people seeing us together. I saw her as just plain and too innocent but i on the other hand is the definition of perfect young man.

She was contented with any position she occupied in my heart, as long as she has a space in it. For me she was too plain, nothing special extra-ordinary about her

“so i made myself believe”

Every night I saw her sad face, each time i’m with different gorgeous ladies, but she doesn’t get mad at me.

What kind of woman is Elizabeth?

I remembered the night I moved into her building; she was so nice to me and still nice till date. She use to have a boyfriend but after some time it seems they didn’t work things out as the constant noise coming from her apartment every night gets me anxious.

The morning she confessed her feelings to me, I busted out laughing really loud and told her immediately she wasn’t my type of lady. She smiled and left and till date I still couldn’t figure out why she wasn’t sad when I turned her down.

I thought this day would never come. Where is my Elizabeth? She got tired of waiting for me to love her. Her soul couldn’t take the pain anymore. Though she was strong outside, but broken inside because of me.

Am here all alone, no gorgeous lady to come to my aid when I needed them. I toiled with my potential wife, all because I thought she wasn’t my type and she got tired of waiting. I pushed her into the hands of a king that knows her worth. She is a rare diamond. I thought she needed remodeling to suite my kind of lifestyle but, I was the one that needed the adjusting. She was a finished product that needed no refining, she was a wife material, she was suppose to be my better half, my everything but I lost her before knowing her.

I never gave her any chance to show me true love and I never saw through her to realize her beauty in a natural form. She had other things to think about but she made me a priority.

She is a true definition of a virtuous Woman.

Months later;

As i was Driving through the mall , nothing seems to impress me because i was already becoming a shadow of myself. Suddenly, i saw a woman that looked exactly like Elizabeth. The curve forming from my lips to smile at the sight of seeing this beautiful creature i lost months back suddenly disappeared when i saw a young man helping her get down from the car with her growing belly. She was looking so elegant, more radiant and happy.

dreamstime image

The sight of seeing her carrying another life inside of her and been cared for, breaks my heart beyond compare. I wished right there, she was carrying my baby.

There goes the opportunity of having a queen in my empire but i dethroned her before even crowning her.

I want no other but Elizabeth


By Labake


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