Short story | Infatuations turns to love

I was asked what is love when I went for a seminar some months ago. At first, I thought it doesn’t have a specific definition not until few people gave their own definition / understanding about love. The speaker asked me again my own definition of love, I just smiled.

A year ago, I’ve always wanted to have something special that is worth fighting for and never giving up on. You would think after series of failed narrowed escaped relationships, I would give up on love but ‘NO’. It’s a beautiful thing especially when it’s just the right person.

This brings me back to another important question ‘who is the right person? Does he really exist? Not just as a man, does the right woman too exist? Well, it depends on what we understand by the word ‘right’.


I moved to a new apartment, very nice area, peaceful and calm. It’s a small town where everyone knows everybody.

I loved evenings around here. The sunset is always beautiful, the sound of the children playing in the small park at the centre of the town, women fetching water, the humming birds and the gentle breeze. As a beauty therapist, it’s the perfect setting for me because the competition is less. You will have to drive long distance to get your beauty treatments.

A month later ‘lavender essence spa’ was opened. I did a small opening ceremony; everyone was present except my neighbor who never cares about anything else, other than his workshop. Well I don’t believe in crush but somehow I just have this attraction towards him. I tried to form conversation with him sometimes but it’s like I am a stalker and a crazy person because he never responded to any.

Most times I pretended not to notice he was coming towards me just so I could bump into him but all were in vain. The only time he voluntarily talked to me was when he told me my car was ready which we all known was his duty. I dressed gorgeously every time I offered him fruits but it’s like this man is just made out of spare parts from his workshop because he clearly has no feelings. I have even tried falling one time purposely beside him, he didn’t even noticed me, I was so lucky i didn’t break my hip bone (now I think I’m a stalker whose is about to lose her hip bones).

One day i gave up, the number one thing that i never believed in. I cried, tore negative and positive lists, my dream list and burnt the all pieces. I didn’t realized how close i was to the fire until a firm masculine hand pulled me and this firm voice yelled;

“Are you trying to get yourself killed?

‘You trying to make me go crazy again?”

I was just there resting on his chest replaying every questions in my head like “what did he just say”

After that incidence, it’s always from my spa to my house, to the store and it takes the turn like that as i tried everything to avoid him yet, my attraction towards him was growing by the day. Six months into business, customers were multiplying and this allowed me to over work myself and have no strength left to think about anything.

One Friday evening, after my last clients because i didn’t take much appointment that day, i decided to take a walk on the beach, to get my feet soaked in the beach sand. As i was locking up, i heard a voice;

‘Can you take one more?

I recognized the voice; it’s the same voice from the fire day. I showed him the changing room with changing clothes.

My heart was beating faster than usual, as i was in the same room with the same person have always imagined taking interest in me.

Why is here? Was all i could ask myself but I tried acting professional. He apologized for not checking on me after the fire incident. I was too nervous to face him because i have too much of him consuming my every thoughts. So, I tried staying calm and faced him to act like I wasn’t affected by his presence but to my surprise, he didn’t wear the changing clothes, he was just in his short as the clothes didn’t fit well. His muscles, biceps, abs and shoulder were more than i imagined.

Lily act professional ‘that was me talking to myself’.

I managed to give him a deep tissue massage as i noticed how tensed his muscles were. He told me he enjoyed every bit of the massage but i didn’t believe he enjoyed it because he was just laying there like he wasn’t feeling anything. After the massage, he asked how payment was made and i showed him. As i was locking up, something wanted me to ask him if he would like to spend some time on the beach with me. As much as i was scared to asked, i have this feeling like it’s the only opportunity and there was a purpose of him coming to my spa. As i was about to ask him, he too turned back to asked me too. I urged him to ask first and it turned out he was headed for the beach too.

We had a long discussion on our way to the beach while he helped me with my bag. He told me about his late wife and son and how their death has taken over his actions completely. I asked how long, he said 8years. For 8years he didn’t marry again or tried to love “when i on the other hand was trying my luck with love”, all he had were just a one night stand and i fear that would be my case with him. I noticed he didn’t ask anything about me and when i asked why, apparently he has always noticed me and he knows everything about me, even the day i almost lost my hip bone. On our way back, Joe and i kissed and it was good.

That was how my infatuation turns to love.


At the seminar i answered ‘love is not about who makes the first move, it’s not about the perfect person or about just being happy but love is when the best is brought out of you without you realizing it, when you are with someone that makes you feel special and extra ordinary, then you know it’s the right person

The end

By Labake


  1. Hey! I just came from the community pool and I’m so glad that I did! Your blog is absolutely stunning: everything from your writing style to the layout of your blog is perfect! You really have a talent and a gift – cherish it! Followed 🙂

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