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Makeup & Photography | The millennial bride

Hello my apples,

Happy weekend to everyone. It’s been a very busy week for me but it was all fun in the end.

On today’s makeup and photography (photoshoot), i collaborated with some amazing crew to create something very beautiful.

Incase you missed my previous makeup and photography look click right here >>>> >>>>>

I had the chance to work with my favorite photographer @bayo_shot_it, a beautiful and talented fashion stylist @kelu.ogunleye and a gorgeous model @phebe.shel

This shoot is titled “THE MILLENNIAL BRIDE”

It’s not everyday you get to see a bride in sneakers, short gown (except the gorgeous SERENA WILLIAMS)

and rocking a bold gold and black eyeshadow with her natural afro.

Just kidding and there are lots of amazing short bridal gowns and sneakers with dazzles and pearls details.

The location of the shoot is a very beautiful park called LUFASI PARK.

Meet the crew

The look

So my Apples what do you think?

Comments down below…

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