Short story | The stranger from the bar

She wanted to feel the unusual,

She just wanted to get it all out,

She wanted to see if it will ease anything.

The love of the new human growing so strong everyday inside of her, the strength, the bond are all that keeps her going.

Why the bar?

She wasn’t even drinking; she wouldn’t do anything to put her tiny one in danger. The day she would look into his eyes, to tell him how having his love alone will make her different but also different and strong in the best ways.

The loneliness he had occupied with his warmth and growth every day. She kept on rubbing her little one through the bump and she could tell that he was enjoying it by the way he was moving so much.

She shut herself away from the world of the bar and concentrated so much on her tiny one till she noticed a stare from the side of her eyes.

There sat a stranger staring at her without blinking.

“Donโ€™t be scared baby, he doesn’t know you are my guardian angel” she said to her baby.

He was staring at her; he could only see her face to the chest area. He wanted to see the body that completes the face of a goddess. She was just too beautiful, calm and worried at the same time.

What is she doing here? Is she heartbroken? He wondered”

But then, he noticed she wasn’t drinking something hard because from his end, he could see the glass with an infused cucumber.

Why the bartender would serve her cucumber water? Why was she worried? He wanted to see her figure so bad.

She wondered why he was staring hard.

She doesn’t need anyone around her and her baby.

Though he doesn’t look like every other men here. Well they all have this charming look till they show their real self “she thought”

He has being sipping from one shot for almost 30minutes. He called the bartender, he whispered softly to him. The bartender was smiling but he was looking surprised.

She saw the bartender walking towards her with a shot. She was smiling, he (bartender) was smiling too but the stranger from the other side wasn’t smiling, rather confused. She stopped smiling, looked over to the stranger and said her thank you.

She didn’t touch the drink; she picked her purse, paid for her cucumber water.

She stood up, turned around to pick her jacket but she saw the stranger standing in front of her while his eyes were fixed on her belly. She had imagined him running through the door with disappointment but he was still standing and now smiling.

He had imagined her to be sexy, hot with a banging body but rather she own a body that belongs to a goddess. The growth of a new being inside her through her protruding stomach was a beautiful image of nature.

He looked over by the bar; the drink was still sitting on the table, now he understood why.

He helped her with the jacket to keep her and the baby warm. He smiled and helped her through the door. He walked her down the block without asking because he knew what her worries were.

“Let me be the stranger that would make you a hot chocolate not a shot”

She smiled.

To be continuedโ€ฆ..



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