poem stories


She lived all her life hoping for a fairy tale,

She believed so much in the book,

She felt lonely even when there thousands of people around her,

She laid right there thinking of a love that never came through,

She knew she deserved better but the thirst to hold on to a fading memory is the end of her reality beginning.

What if happily ever after or fairy tale is moving on?

What if the happily ever after is just her alone with no one in the picture?
She kept a special spot and imprinted her memory right there,

Tonight she was tired of trying, tired of waiting, tired of holding on, and tired of dreaming, and tired of hoping,

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Tonight it’s just all about her,
No living by the book,

No fairy tale,

Just herself and her shattered world,

The pain is easy to bear than holding to a two edged love with no handle,

Her fairly tale is just about her alone,

She decided to start her happily ever after by moving on.

The End


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