Dear diary episodes

Dear Diary #3: I still don’t like chocolate

Dear Diary,

yes it’s another Friday night and oh! i’m spending it at home. I’m clubbing myself at home while studying for finals which is starting tomorrow.

okay my Apples, let me share with you one amazing | weird thing about me. you are going to find this very shocking or surprised or not surprised at all.

I don’t like chocolate…


I actually don’t know why i kept staring at the chocolate stand at the mall each time i visit. I’m not a weird person or i am anyway and still would’t quite admit it.

i remember the first time i tried wrapping my tongue around a bar of chocolate, oh my goodness i didn’t like the taste.

well, i tried different types or should i say flavor if that’s the right word to us. I tried bounty chocolate bar and i actually liked it because of the coconut in it. I ate it after removing all the dark chocolate wrap around the coconut in it. ‘hahahahahaaa’


The part i don’t like is each time i see a melted chocolate, i would develop this rumbling feeling in my stomach like ‘not this again’

okay guys is there anyone who doesn’t like chocolate like me?



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