Dear diary episodes

Dear Diary #2: It’s the Friday of Tea, McVitie shortbread and lots of old TV series

Dear Diary!!!

Hello from this side (i’m not Adele). It’s that time of the week again, when everyone pretends to really enjoy the night but usually ends up like me with the McVites shortbread, Tea (i’m not a coffee person) and lots of old TV series.

well, i usually ended up turning down every invites that i have, just to pretend there is an important part place i needed to be.
i got home today after a long day at the physics laboratory. The good thing about today most of my Friday nights is that i get to eat like a total food junkie (I love food) and gets to release my stomach that i’ve been tucking in for a whole day (sigh), wear the big baggy sweats, look totally carefree and feed on everything i lay my hands on.

here are the TV series i’m watching tonight.

  • TELEMUNDO Series

oh! i very big sarcastic thank you to the new cool club in my area. I’ll be jamming from my room to every songs.

My apples if you are having a cool Friday indoor like me, comment down below lets know ourselves…

I love my Friday nights ☺ ☺ ☺ 

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